6 Tips to Market Your Corporate Culture While Hiring

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Creating and showcasing your company’s corporate culture is vital, and it attracts new employees and customers. Therefore, your marketing strategies are both customer-focused and effective recruitment tools that help you create a positive and inviting culture.

Millennials identify corporate culture as a key factor when choosing prospective employers. They seek companies that know how to have fun, have a definitive brand, do valuable work, and show a generous spirit.

It may seem challenging, but here are a few tips to help you decide which strategies to use to showcase your culture.

1. Show Off Your Culture in All Your Content

Training your employees and letting them in on your larger vision makes them effective brand ambassadors. This means that your recruiting team will exude and be guided by your corporate culture when choosing the best-fit candidate.

Also, it ensures your job ads have your culture embedded therein to attract the ideal candidates. Let your press releases and product marketing content show off your culture. This allows potential employees to familiarize themselves with your culture by simply visiting your website.

Your office environment should not be any different. It should also exude a feel of the reigning culture.

2. Tell a Good Story

Sharing the stories of your employees showcases your company as a caring and authentic entity. This allows potential employees to see the real you. For example, you can highlight the story of your top performers or share various retreats that you have had that show your identity and what you stand for.

You can also share virtual office tours for future employees to see where they will work. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable by sharing where everything happens and who you are through social media helps build trust with potential employees.

Also, encourage your employees to tell stories about how they have shown some core values in the workplace. Such stories show your company’s authentic culture and a place where potential candidates gravitate to.

3. Host Events

Hosting events is a surefire way to market your culture to your clients and prospects. Marketing goes hand in hand with being actively engaged in the community and putting effort into maintaining your corporate culture.

Company-hosted events with mixers, happy hours, or open houses promote your culture and are an excellent opportunity to make prospects feel invited and engaged.

4. Focus on Your Company’s External Perception

Companies rarely focus on talent branding on their website. However, once you become vested in how you are perceived externally, you will significantly affect the candidates applying for jobs. In cases of the wrong perception, communicate effectively and show prospects what you stand for and why they should work for you.

You can create a separate website for your employees to share their experience of working for your company. Using your employees as influencers is an excellent marketing strategy for your culture. You can share clips that show your company’s daily life through the lens of your employees on your social media platforms.

How your employees brand your company will showcase your culture and attract ideal candidates.

5. Invest in the Video to Get Personal

When you create and share job ads, you can add a section for prospects to send a video of themselves describing who they are and what they stand for as part of their application. Such videos will help you choose those who match your corporate culture.

Alternatively, you can ask a question that will require the candidates to answer through a video. This way, their answers will enable you to select those whose answers resonate with your corporate culture. In addition, people’s opinions give you a sneak peek at what values and beliefs they espouse.

You can also use video to show the uniqueness of your employees and involve everyone in showcasing your culture and extending the conversation. This will contribute immensely to your company’s recognition as the workplace of choice for many prospects.

6. Be Authentic on Your Social Platforms

Future employees are vetting you with the content you share on your social media profiles. They spend more time stalking you there than on your website. So, your posts must show an accurate picture of what it is like working with you.

It is essential to feature aspects that show your company as the top company to work in. So, whether you have a relaxed office vibe or are dog-friendly, fill your timelines with proof of this. For instance, you can share images of dogs lounging in your office.


Your corporate culture sets you apart from other companies and is a valuable asset to nurture and protect. Ensure all stakeholders know and uphold this culture to give new entrants a sense of who you are and how you operate. When you encourage effort from within, future employees and clients will feel the impact externally.

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