Tips on Hiring a Competent Google AdWords Consultant

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Working with an ad agency can be tedious, especially if you are running a small, tightly-knit company. However, the need to advance digital marketing and advertising is probably the reason why you needed one in the first place and there are a lot of opportunities that are present when you work with an ad agency that you can trust and that delivers on your KPIs. Not everyone gets it right the first time, however, and you need the following tips when hiring a competent AdWords consultant to help your company.

Ensure Your Google AdWords Consultant has Great Credentials

When dealing with professionals, credentials are everything and when searching for an AdWords consultant, you should look beyond academic credentials and look at their skills and experience. Though certification is important, it is not the most important factor to consider. Some Adwords ads consultants have the right certifications but lack the critical skills to understand the market and to make your advertising stand out. However, when shortlisting candidates, make sure they have passed through some sort of certification as their academic journey is an important indicator of their professionalism.

Ensure You have a Competent In-house Team

Giving your AdWords consultant the task of managing your entire marketing won’t give you great results. Just because they are Google AdWords consultants doesn’t mean they have to handle everything. Make sure you prepare your marketing and sales team to be able to convert the crucial leads into actual sales. Therefore, you need a competent in-house team that will handle customer service and follows through on leads to ensure you make good sales.

Also, prepare your management to be able to handle a new team member in your company. Though the consultant’s stay may be temporary they will need to work and collaborate well with your other staff. Ensure you explain the need of having an AdWords consultant in your company and that they should be treated well. This doesn’t mean that your other employees don’t deserve the same level of respect, just that management and supervisors tend to think consultants are just like other employees which might frustrate them.

Manage Content Sharing Properly

In the course of the consultancy, whether you are working with a Google AdWords management company or with an AdWords consultant, ensure you underline ownership of content before work starts. Any material, resources, and contents generated by the consultant in the course of their consultancy will be important for your business even after the consultancy ends. Some material may prove very crucial to the success of your company and therefore you should have a clear policy on ownership of such content.

Overall, having a hands-on approach to AdWords campaign management is crucial and even though you should allow the AdWords consultant to do their work, the buck stops with you on most crucial decisions. Having an environment that is too free might not work well for you especially since you will have the responsibility of explaining to your clients if certain content doesn’t agree with the overall vision and mission of the company. Therefore, explain to the consultant what your company culture is all about so that there is no diversionary messaging going forward.

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