Sponsored Stream Top 20 Tips to Find Sponsors for Your Livestream

Sponsored Streamer: Top 20 Tips to Find Sponsors for Your Livestream

Online streaming and video content are huge. There are hundreds of thousands of people who make a living by doing it and more and more every day that number is growing. In fact, there is numerous game streaming software available to make your streaming journey smoother. However, there are some specific strategies that you must follow to become a successful streamer. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to make money, becoming a sponsored streamer may be the perfect fit for you!

1) Branding

Make sure your branding is consistent and unifies your look across all media. What is your streaming schedule? Is there a specific time of day that you stream? Do you have a schedule for when you will be streaming? Make sure to advertise this to attract sponsors who want their products seen during those times. Have you ever tried to stream Xbox?

2) Website

A website, like the one at MonsterStreams.com, helps to keep all your branding together and will allow you to link sponsors directly to your stream where they can easily view the time of day you’ll be streaming their products.

3) Social Media

Make sure your audience knows how to find you. If you build it, they will come, eventually. Has a Facebook page for your stream so that fans can discuss what’s currently happening on-air? Or maybe Twitter works better for you! The best way to stay in contact with your audience is through social media!

4) Brand Ambassadors

No one likes being sold. Create content that demonstrates why people would want to buy something because viewers are far more likely to listen there isn’t any selling involved. You can create the content yourself by simply showcasing the product you’re trying to sell, or you could work with another streamer who already has a fan base and cross-promote each other’s channel.

5) Stream Regularly

Only getting on when there is a sponsor? Don’t expect them to stick around. The best way to get fans and brands alike is to make sure that your audience knows when you’ll be streaming and encourage them to show up!

6) Be Interactive

Don’t just play games; interact with the chat and, if possible, even stream some of your gameplay directly on Periscope or Facebook Live so viewers can subscribe for real-time updates on what’s happening on-air. If people aren’t watching, why would a brand sponsor you?

7) Monetization

When working with sponsors, make sure that your potential sponsors know how you will be showing their products. Whether it is in a banner ad on your website or in a show specifically about the sponsor’s product, be very clear about what is going to happen when they give you money.

8) Engage Your Audience

Ask for feedback from your viewers. If they have an idea of something you should do while streaming, listen! Who knows, someone may come up with something so good that it not only attracts new fans but also makes the brands more willing to want to work with you!

9) Plan Ahead

Keep in mind that if you plan on making streamed content available later, most sponsors will want it available immediately after the Livestream has finished. If this is not possible with your current setup, be sure to let them know and ask for a time they can expect it to be ready.

10) Follow Up

After everything has been said and done, send a follow-up email thanking the sponsor for working with you. If all goes well, they may also share their experiences so other brands will see how great of an experience they had working with you!

11) Research

Not all brands are the same. Some will do very well, while others will be a complete flop. Make sure you know what each brand is capable of before working with them!

12) Prepare

Know your product, or at least have it ready when you get on-air. This shows that you are prepared and are serious about wanting to work with this brand. It also saves time so no one has to wait for you if there are other things the sponsorship needs to include within their contract.

13) Transparency

Let viewers know exactly who sponsors who they’re watching on-stream and in what ways they’re helping them out. Your audience isn’t stupid; they’ll the honesty and openness!

14) Be Relatable

Brands want someone their audience can relate to. Don’t get on-air and try to sell a product that doesn’t have anything to do with your viewers or what you’re passionate about. If there aren’t any overlaps, it will be very difficult for a brand to see you as a person they would want to work with.

15) Stream One Game at a Time

Keep the content focused on one type of game so people know exactly what they’ll be getting from watching your stream. Not only is this good for branding, but it also helps if your livelihood depends on sponsorships!

16) Branding

Think about how you can add some extra flair while streaming so brands don’t feel like they’re working with someone who is not serious about what they do. If you make a deal to feature a product, make sure it looks good!

17) You Are What You Eat

If you and your audience don’t eat the same things or enjoy different activities, brands that fit into those categories probably won’t want to work with you.

18) Be Honest

Don’t go out of your way just to promote something that isn’t relevant to your channel. This can cause people to unsubscribe or stop following if they feel as though you are misrepresenting yourself. Remember, honesty is always the best policy!

19) Actively Network

Go out and meet other streamers and actually talk about what they do on their streams. Remember, no one is going to be a better representative of your brand than you! Try to find people who align with your interests and values.

20) Be Different

Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. If there isn’t a single sponsor on your channel yet, that could simply mean you’re not offering anything new! Find something different about yourself and take advantage of it while streaming!

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