Sony Reveals PSVR 2 will be Released in 2023

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Sony has followed its previous pattern of announcing new details regarding the PSVR 2 in a random social media post where Sony reveals PSVR 2 headset will be released at the beginning of 2023.

On Sunday night, the PlayStation shared a PSVR 2 image and the caption “coming early 2022” on its official Instagram handle. We have also seen a similar post on PlayStation Twitter profiles of various regions confirming the release of the upcoming PSVR 2. But for now, we are unaware whether it will make its debut worldwide on the same day or the case will be similar to PlayStation, which was released in two phases.


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There is no information about how soon in 2023 Sony wants to deliver the headset, although we can assume it will be during the first three months. Putting out a product much longer than “early 2023” would be stretching it. That is predicated on the absence of any late delivery with the headset, which is hardly guaranteed given the widespread influence that the present worldwide chip shortfall is having on output in various sectors.

If the headset is to catch on with players, it must have a solid selection of games to support it right from the start. To overcome this section, Sony will introduce the PS5 Virtual Reality by including up to 20 exciting games so that the players can enjoy this launch.

Although the release of the PSVR 2 is not expected before 2023, much information regarding the VR headset is currently public. Sony has shown off their finalized VR device model and Sense Controllers and disclosed their entire specifications previously. The PlayStation Virtual Reality 2 is shaping up to become a serious contender.

In addition to being lightweight and more portable than its earlier model, the PSVR 2 also has several mechanical upgrades. Sony has still not released any information regarding the cost of it. For more details about this latest PSVR 2, stay connected with us as we will regularly update our readers as soon as we receive more official data.

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