Some Latest iPhone Models You Can Buy At Decent Rates

If you plan to buy the iPhone X, iPhone 8, or even an iPhone8 Plus, now is your chance to save some money with M1. The latest iPhone models from Apple have just recently received a price cut in Singapore. The iPhone X, which previously retailed for S$1548, can now be purchased at only S$1398. This is savings of S$150 off the original price.

The previous model, the iPhone 8, can also be purchased at discounted prices. An iPhone 8 of 64GB storage retails for only S$1028, down from its original retail price of S$1178. With this promotion, you will be saving almost S$200.

Despite being slightly older models, these iPhones are still state-of-the-art smartphones, capable of performing most tasks you throw at them with ease. Just because the slightly newer models are slightly cheaper doesn’t mean they won’t serve you well.

Exclusive Offers for iPhone 8

The above iPhone 8 promotion is available for both new and existing customers of M1. Existing postpaid subscribers can receive S$10 off their monthly bill once they sign up for an M1 contract. This means that your monthly bill can essentially be reduced by S$10 every month until the end of the contract period, which usually lasts 24 months! These exclusive offers are only available on, so head over there now if you are interested in purchasing one.

Exclusive Offers for iPhone X

Along with the above, M1 postpaid subscribers who sign up for the iPhone X will receive a free wireless charger worth S$98. Suppose you like to use your iPhone X in landscape mode and watch videos on the go. In that case, the wireless charger will come in handy without needing to spend any extra money! If you want a faster charging experience for your phone, look out for specialized power banks, which can be purchased at discounted prices too.

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When signing up for their latest contract online, M1 postpaid subscribers who purchase the iPhone X will also receive a free set of JBL Go Bluetooth speakers worth S$128.

This is the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or your loved ones. Many Singaporeans are already enjoying their new iPhones despite it being weeks away from Christmas! If you prefer to get your gifts early, this is a great opportunity to get the latest iPhone models while they last.

Regardless if you are already a current M1 subscriber or not, do check out the latest promotions from M1 to get yourself a new iPhone at a discounted price.