Software Developers Shortage Crisis in 2022

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Global skill shortages are a problem in almost every business. However, the most significant talent gap may exist in software development. Companies need help filling positions with competent software engineers in historic numbers.

The need for software developers has grown due to recent technological breakthroughs. Increased expertise in programming languages, automation, and cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and neural networks, machine learning, big data, augmented reality, DevOps, and the Internet of Things are also needed to meet the expanding demand.

Why is there a Software Developers Shortage?

Not Enough Experience

Unfortunately, many contemporary software engineers are still very inexperienced in the web development industry. Given that we have all experienced this situation at some time in our lives, we can all relate to it. Even while it may be rewarding to support a young, up-and-coming software developer, it is unrealistic to anticipate regular high-quality output from someone who lacks a track record.

Lack of Computer Science Education

Only 51% of secondary schools in the US provide at least one computer subject. According to this figure, just 50% of American pupils have access to computer science instruction. Students must thus wait till they are enrolled in college before studying about and researching the area. Few graduates have the chance to acquire the technical know-how and skill set required to work in the software development sector.

There are Not Enough Qualified Teachers

The majority of professionals decide to work for businesses rather than pursue academic careers since software development is a profitable field. Universities that offer computer science majors can only accept a certain number of students due to the decline in the number of professionals willing to teach.

The Standard of Coding Bootcamp

Bootcamps are the ideal option for students to break into the field. For aspiring software developers and engineers, not all coding boot camps provide top-notch programs. These boot camps frequently just provide basic skill instruction.

Pipeline Disruption Caused by Remote Work

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, many businesses and developers choose remote work. While this action reduced the epidemic, it also had an impact on the pipeline of beginning developers.

Companies frequently struggle to find the best personnel because they frequently make hiring decisions based on immediate demands rather than considering future requirements.

Software Developers Shortage Explanation

The Answers to the Scarcity of Software Engineers

Spend Money on Education and the Development of Specialized Skills

Training and upskilling your workers, even those who are not in the IT industry, is the greatest method to address a skills shortage. Businesses will need to spend money on specific training programs that cater to staff members from other departments who wish to switch over to software development. The good news is that you may receive money from the government for such projects.

Provide Higher Benefits and Pay

Maintaining the current staff might often be the first step in closing the software development gap. It’s not realistic to lose employees while searching for fresh talent that matches their technical proficiency and knowledge. Increasing perks and wages makes it simpler to retain current staff. This will motivate your personnel to remain on-site even if other companies in the sector offer them lucrative career opportunities.

Hire More Independent Contractors

The industry’s temporary software developer deficit can be helped by freelancers. They often market their services through online advertising on websites where they list their services, availability, and rates. Even better, you may choose freelance websites, which often showcase a variety of skills for your consideration. If you need to satisfy seasonal needs, freelancers are a good choice. In 2016, there were 55 million freelancers in the United States.

Contract with Software Development Teams

Another way to address the skills shortage is to outsource software development teams. It’s ideal for companies that want to concentrate on their core competencies while contracting out particular tasks, like software development, to a specialized group. You may lessen the likelihood of a future skill shortage by doing this.


Developers will become increasingly rare in the near future when the unstable job market is taken into account. Given that prices will eventually rise everywhere, employers will have a tough time balancing the availability of developers with the viability of the projects they work on. Right now, all the elements are in place for a perfect storm.

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