5 Side Businesses You Can Start Using Only Your Phone

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Everyone is looking for a side hustle today and for good reason. With expenses going up while wages in many industries are staying stagnant, having another source of income is key for financial well-being. This is not just because it brings in additional money every month. It is also because you get to sell your products or services on your own terms, setting your own prices that don’t downplay your value.

Learning how to start a business might seem like a tough task, but in 2022 it is actually really easy. You do not need physical offices or products. In fact, all you really need is a website where you promote yourself. Technically, you could start many side businesses using only your phone.

Sounds too good to be true? Here are 5 side businesses you can start from your phone.

1. Voiceovers

If you hate how your voice sounds recorded, you can skip this one. However, if people have told you that you could have been on the radio, or if you simply know just how great your elocution is, you could set up a business doing voiceovers for people.

Voice acting is truly one of the most accessible side hustles to people who love their own voices. You don’t need a degree or even a portfolio. All you need is some samples of yourself speaking into a microphone. People will judge you based on how they feel about your voice, not on your past experience.

While you can start this business on your phone, and can technically get away with keeping it all on your mobile device, you will only get high-paying jobs if you have a good microphone and a quiet space to record. Then you can download a free app like Audacity and use it to record and enhance your voice.

2. Invite Design

Have you always had an eye for design? Maybe your doodles have led people to ask you to write or draw something for them. If so, you can start designing invitations for events. Simply download an app that gives you the freedom to create designs you love and make some samples. Then start marketing yourself on your website or on freelancer platforms.

The best designs in our digital age are minimalistic, as anyone can throw the kitchen sink at a blank space. You don’t need expensive software or even to move from your phone to your computer. It is that eye for design that will get you jobs, and people pay well for invites to big events.

3. House Sitting

House-sitting can be an incredible side hustle, but your ability to take it on depends on your life circumstances. Students are usually the biggest beneficiaries of house-sitting. They are usually staying on campus or with their parents, and house-sitting offers them a way of getting some space while making money. Since they don’t have a home of their own to look after, taking care of someone else’s is not too much of a problem.

To start your house-sitting business, create a website where you sell yourself. Ensure that you come across as both professional and likable. People want someone they can trust to take care of their home (and pets), and won’t judge you based on whether you have a degree.

If you can, get references from people who can vouch for your trustworthiness. These may be people you have house sat for in the past or professors or mentors of yours.

4. Tutoring

The figures vary (which means they are probably unreliable) but a lot of people claim that they don’t use much of what they learned in their college degree. Even if they have a job in the field they chose to study, they only use a small proportion of what came up in their coursework.

If you feel this way about your college degree, you can make money from the knowledge you never use by tutoring others. There are always people who need some extra help studying – including high schoolers, college students, and even working adults.

Set up a website where you display all of your certifications and you can start getting students immediately.

5. Airbnb

Many people hate the thought of renting out their spare rooms to travelers from around the world. But some people love nothing more. While it is not for me, I have a friend who treasures his experiences of meeting people from all different countries and sharing his home with them for a week or two.

You can download the Airbnb app, take some flattering photos of your space, and provide a simple write-up. Set a reasonable rate and confirm which features you can offer, and let the applications roll in. Soon you will be slightly more cramped, but with the benefit of some extra bucks in your pocket.

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