Samsung Galaxy S22 Will Also Be Available In The Metaverse

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Who says that the most highly awaited Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S22, shouldn’t be unveiled in the Metaverse?

At 10 a.m. EDT on February 9th, Samsung will formally unveil their clever Android devices in a virtual re-creation of its central New York City venue named 837X.

Decentraland, a 3D virtual world browser that some have compared to Second Life, is where Samsung constructed the virtual store. It’s worth noting that Decentraland, which started in February 2020, is also a digital money sandbox where users can link their digital wallet accounts and buy land using the NFT token. It’s possible that Samsung used some of its Mana cryptocurrency to pay for its 837X space.

Is there a purpose to the Metaverse? I don’t see why not. I think that’s a better thing to ask, though. Despite the fact that just a small percentage of the general public is familiar with the Metaverse, it is the hot topic of conversation right now. It’s an obvious wink and nod to the cryptocurrency community that Samsung knows its stuff when it comes to the blockchain, and whatever it announces on Wednesday – smartphones, tablets, and more – will be a part of the crypto craze when it’s done.

In order to enjoy all of the site’s features, you must register using your bitcoin wallet, but you can instead join as a guest. There are two ways to build your avatar, both of which allow you to choose from a wide range of options for your hair and clothes. Navigate the 360-degree environment using a combination of your keyboard and mouse, 837X appeared immediately in front of us when we arrived.

The interior of 837X is a spacious
Image Credit: Samsung

The interior of 837X is a spacious, neon-lit, techno-infused environment. In addition to the light spheres, there are costumes that may be purchased and Samsung advertisements. But then our avatar began dancing on its own accord after we stood stationary in one place for a few seconds We’re hoping it’ll be aware that we’re viewing the Unpacked Event and will stop moving.

There are 3D video billboards in New York City, London, South Korea, Dubai, and Malaysia if you want that kind of immersive experience. In each, a gigantic side poster is changed into what seems to be a massive open-air habitat for the world’s biggest tiger, a loving creature who likes to hold his big claw outside the bounds of the billboard screen.

It’s a complex visual effect, as you would have imagined, that shrinks the screen to the size of the tiger.

The Metaverse, Twitch, or Samsung’s conventional website are all great places to catch Samsung Unpacked, but you can always rely on Technical Master for all the information and our unique perspective on what everything signifies.

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