A Discussion on How Sales Enablement Differs from Marketing

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The marketing industry has become more advanced and complex than ever in the last few decades. Since the rise of digital marketing in the late 1990s and early 2000s, companies have adopted numerous new technologies and tactics, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, native advertising, etc. Of course, there is potential for misunderstanding as complexity increases. Many people are curious about the difference between sales enablement and marketing. However, various resources like Sales Enablement Platform have helped many companies with this process.

This blog will help you understand how sales enablement and marketing are different from each other.

Sales Enablement

As the name suggests, sales enablement is the method you use to help your sales representatives sell effectively. Giving salespeople the tools they need to deliver value to prospects and encounters directs prospects along the sales funnel to convert them.

It is essential to remember that this is an iterative process, which means that it must be tested and adjusted regularly for optimal results.


The purpose of marketing is to attract the attention of potential customers or clients to your goods and services. Action is the basic term of the definition. Marketing involves distributing, selling, and researching your goods or services.

The ultimate goal of marketing is to help your prospects move through the sales funnel and eventually convert into paying clients.

Difference Between Sales Enablement and Marketing

Here are some important differences between sales enablement and marketing:

  • Marketers focus on developing effective marketing techniques specifically for consumer consumption. Sales enablement professionals are focused on how their reps can effectively access, promote, and share such marketing ideas.
  • A sales enablement platform may include a subset of assets that the marketing team is responsible for managing (such as a content library, in whole or in part). Typically, the sales enablement team is responsible for selecting, implementing, and optimizing sales enablement technologies.
  • Sales enablement teams may report to the organization’s chief sales officer, while marketing teams often report to the chief marketing officer (CMO) (CSO).
  • While sales enablement specialists focus on providing the support and training reps need to successfully use a marketing plan when engaging with clients, marketers focus more on developing the marketing strategy itself.

Different Yet Related

We should be clear that there is no “hard” distinction between the tools and people used in sales enablement and their marketing equivalents. They can both be quite challenging. Additionally, they both need to foster a sense of inclusion, and sales content is just as valuable a tool as its cousin in marketing.

Your firm’s success depends on the perfect alignment of sales enablement and marketing. That means making the most of what these subjects already have, avoiding approaches that try to turn them into something they are not, and leveraging tools like enablement software to facilitate both processes.


Marketers today are expected to offer added value to a client interaction that is already personalized. Transactional, one-size-fits-all sales are a thing of the past.

The above distinctions are by no means exhaustive. However, they show that marketing and sales competencies are not only very different in some respects but also very similar in others.

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