4 Reasons to Invest in a Video Intercom System

Looking for better home security? Investing in a video intercom system may be just what you need!

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Video door entry systems provide a modern safety and security barrier around the premises of a property. These systems are essentially intercoms with an enabled video feature for easy viewing. What’s more, this setup allows you to directly communicate with guests and for them to answer back. This means you not only hear audio but also have visuals of everyone entering the building. Below are four of the top benefits of choosing a video intercom system!

Enhanced Security

A conventional intercom system only uses audio to help you determine the nature of a guest’s visit. This means that outside noise can significantly impact your ability to identify the visitor and consider whether you will grant them access or not. However, by having visuals present, you can ensure that you have a clear ID for the person requesting entry.

A video door intercom system is the perfect way to pre-screen guests and ensure that you have a direct line of communication without opening the door. This makes it easy to have complete control over who enters your home and when.

Perfectly Convenient

Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now purchase a video intercom system that directly links to your smartphone and allows you the convenience of screening visitors while performing tasks. This means whether you’re sitting in bed or watching television, you know exactly who’s requesting access.

With a simple touch of a button, you have complete control over guests entering your premises. Additionally, you can also interact with guests while you’re not at home.

Greater Access Control

The great thing about video intercom systems is they have access control. That means you can allow visitors to enter your home using a PIN code provided by you. As a guest enters your property, the system is able to record their entry. Should anything of a criminal nature occur while you’re not at home, the video recordings can help authorities identify the culprit by using the footage and the PIN code entered.

Most Intruders are also automatically deterred by video intercom systems. As criminals don’t want to leave behind any video evidence of their wrongdoings, many times they simply won’t target your property if they see that you have some type of surveillance available.

Security Features are Advanced

Modern video intercom systems from https://gatesandautomationdirect.co.uk/ also have plenty of enhanced security features that allow you to properly protect your home. Whether screening visitors or allowing remote access, these systems provide you with greater control over your property.

Top-of-the-line video intercom systems will also feature great functions that include HD video, integration with existing security systems, and remote access. It’s also possible to purchase a system that has cloud storage allowing you to store video footage for a later date.

At the end of the day, video intercom systems provide a piece of mind for homeowners and allow you to completely screen your guests with ease. Instead of only having audio to help you determine who is at the door, you now have the ability to record visuals and grant access.

From convenience to higher levels of security, these modern systems are a great feature for every home. To ensure you reap all of the benefits, make sure to have your system installed by professional technicians!

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