Reasons for Blocking the Personal Account in Online Casinos

Get to know the top reasons for an online casino refusing to grant access to personal accounts.

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The development of the gambling industry leads to new problems for clients of virtual gambling clubs, one of which is the blocking of the account. There may be several reasons for closing a personal account or limiting access to it. But they are mainly associated with illegal actions of the player, who intentionally or accidentally does not comply with the established online casino rules and regulations, prescribed on the official site. Some gaming platforms purposely lure new customers into their networks. And after they have deposited the money and spent it on the games, the administration of the club blocks the profile for unknown reasons.

If a player has found a really reliable casino, such as casino online UK, he can safely register an account on his site and start playing for real money. If, however, after reading numerous reviews and studying official documentation, the gamer still does not dare to create a personal profile on the resource, then it is worth becoming familiar with all the features of similar platforms in detail. This will help to avoid mistakes in the future regarding cooperation with the gambling club, which could lead to the blocking of the account.

Going Through the Procedure for Creating a Personal Account

One of the key mistakes that many users make is to create multiple accounts on the same platform at once. The registration of two or more profiles can be accidental when a player simply forgets that he has an account on a particular site. In another case, the procedure is intentional, when a gamer wants to cheat the casino by trying to create an account again. In this case, the security service of the virtual gambling club will consider the player’s actions a fraud and may block the profile.

Therefore, it is very important to specify reliable information about yourself during registration:

  • name, first name, patronymic;
  • current email address;
  • cell phone number.

The casino customers will often need to go through a verification process by sending scanned copies of documents to the casino staff to confirm the application for withdrawal of earnings. You can learn more about this process from the following article at After studying it, we can conclude that the initial provision of false data may lead to restricted access to a personal account. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the correctness of the specified private information when filling out the form. It is best to use an email address, to which the bank details are linked.

Making a Deposit into an Account

When it comes to financial transactions, it is important not to make mistakes in the details and provide accurate banking information to avoid unnecessary questions and problems in the future. It is not recommended to use someone else’s payment details because such actions can cause suspicion. According to the new online casino rules, the administration has the right to ask the players to extract the last paid bills, which will include the name and address of residence.

You should also not use a card that expires. Sometimes there may be such situations when a gamer is lucky, and he won a solid amount of money. In such cases, the casino offers to verify the data again. Here you will also have to specify the card details, and if it is expired, the winnings cannot be paid.

Casino Bonus Policy

Due to the fact that competition among virtual gambling clubs is getting tougher every day, they have to create a generous bonus program, attracting the attention of new customers. The most lucrative bonus is the welcome bonus, which involves the distribution of free spins and a fixed percentage of cash deposited into the account. For this reason, many savvy players try to take advantage of the situation by creating new accounts. But the security staff have a well-established scheme of action, which allows them to identify the “abusers” in a few steps.

Bonuses can be obtained by one person using the following data:

  • email;
  • cell phone number;
  • IP address;
  • residence address;
  • bank details.

The choice of the game on bonus funds must be accompanied not only by the preferences of the players but also by the conditions of the online casino itself. Game platforms often list slots and other types of gambling entertainment that permit the use of bonus money or other varieties of rewards.

Application of VPN Services

Only licensed virtual casinos cooperate with international game software developers, who have the right to specify their restrictions. If a player uses a VPN program when he runs a slot machine, which is banned in the country of residence of the gamer, he may have problems with the withdrawal of the won money. Therefore, if players are habituated to using the VPN, it is better to contact the technical support operators and ask them for permission to activate the service before starting the game.

It is also not recommended to enter your online casino profile using other people’s mobile devices. This can lead to the fact that the staff of the gambling club will take the player for a cheater in the case of an account with a friend, from the phone on which the entry was made.

Communicating with Technical Support Representatives

When a player loses a lot of money or has problems with the withdrawal of winnings, he turns to the technical support service. In these situations, the gamer can not hold back his emotions and be rude to the operators. In such a case, the casino administration has every right to block the player’s account. Therefore, it is important to comply with the rules of business communication and behave politely.

Verification of the Gaming Account

This procedure is mandatory in almost all online casinos. But its completion is mainly necessary for the withdrawal of a solid amount of money. This feature has several reasons for this.

Reason №1 Few players can wait for a successful withdrawal request. Most of them refuse the application.
Reason №2 The casino insures itself and fulfills the conditions prescribed by the license.
Reason №3 No gambling club will not want to part with the money, so it will try to find a catch during the procedure to refuse to pay.

Online casinos may request the player to pass verification at any time to deny payments in the future. Therefore, it is best to pass it in advance to avoid problems later on.

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