PUBG Mobile C1S2 M4 Royal Pass Rewards, Leaks, Release Date

So, we are having a PUBG Mobile C1S2 M3 going its way successfully. We have seen a lot of stunning Royal Pass rewards in the C1S2 M3 Royal Pass. But when playing the current season, we are always keen to know about the PUBG Mobile leaks, release date, and RP rewards for the next upcoming updates or season. So, don’t go anywhere. We are here with a lot of interesting PUBG Mobile C1S2 M4 Royal Pass rewards, leaks, and also the PUBG release date of the new month 4.

The PUBG has changed a lot from the beginning of the PUBG Season 20 also known as PUBG Mobile C1S1 (SS1). Now, we get separate Royal Passes for two months and we have to complete it at a maximum of 50 RP levels. It means you need to buy RP each month separately. The basic Royal Pass costs 360 UC and the Elite Pass can be purchased by spending 960 UC. The benefits of purchasing the PUBG Mobile Elite Pass is that you will jump to 12 RP level straight away, gets an extra frame, a few emotes to select anyone from them, and more.

PUBG Mobile C1S2 M4 Release Date

We don’t exactly know the PUBG Mobile release date for M4 yet. But we know that the PUBG Mobile C1S2 M3 had started on September 17. The M3 will last for one month and after that, we will see a new M4 Royal Pass. According to the expectations, we can say that we will get a PUBG Mobile C1S2 M4 from October 17. But we will update you as soon as we will get the confirmation about the latest RP release date.

PUBG Mobile C1S2 M4 Royal Pass Rewards

We have finally got the PUBG Mobile C1S2 M4 Royal Pass rewards leaks and we are going to tell you about the RP rewards which we will see in month 4 (M4). The following are the rewards that will appear in the month 4 (M4) PUBG Mobile Royal Pass rewards :

  • At RP Level 1 – Chrono Cyborg AKM

Chrono Cyborg AKM

  • At RP Level 1 – Chrono Cyborg Outfit

Chrono Cyborg Outfit

  • At RP Level 5 – Chrono Cyborg Headgear
  • At RP Level 10 –  Chrono Cyborg Helmet

Chrono Cyborg Helmet

  • At RP Level 13 –  Chrono Cyborg Parachute (Free RP reward)

Chrono Cyborg Parachute

  • At RP Level 15 – Bunny Dance Emote (Free RP emote) and M4 RP Avatar

Bunny Dance Emote

  • At RP Level 20 – Mouse Trag UAZ Skin

Mouse Trag UAZ Skin

  • At RP Level 25 – Glacial Stroll Outfit (Free RP reward)

Glacial Stroll Outfit

  • At RP Level 30 – Ivory Knight Ornament and Mecha Bruiser Emote

Ivory Knight Ornament and Mecha Bruiser Emote

  • At RP Level 35 – Pinpoint Slaughter Skorpion Skin (Free Royal Pass reward)

Pinpoint Slaughter Skorpion Skin

  • At RP Level 40 – Footlong Mini14 Skin

Footlong Mini14 Skin

  • At RP Level 50 – Mecha Bruiser Outfit and Headgear

Mecha Bruiser Outfit and Headgear

So, that’s all from our side for now. But stay connected with us, we will update the article when we will get accurate confirmations about the PUBG Mobile C1s2 M4 leaks, release date, and RP rewards.

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