PUBG Mobile (BGMI) C2S4 M8 Royal Pass (Tier) Rewards, Leaks, Release Date

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The PUBG Mobile C1S3 M7 (month 7) Royal Pass is currently available in the game, and all PUBG lovers are having a great time with it. We’ve seen several amazing spins and crates with incredible costumes, gun skins, backpacks, helmets, and other stuff in the present season, and we’ve also seen a few terrific and amazing Royal Pass rewards. It’s important to remember that leaks and prizes for the future season keep fans on the edge of their seats. In this post, we will tell you about the PUBG Mobile (BGMI) C2S4 M8 Royal Pass (Tier) rewards, leaks & release date.

After a few weeks, the current PUBG Mobile (BGMI) C2S4 M7 Royal Pass will end. After that, we will get a new month 8 (M8) Royal Pass. It’s time to get to know about the upcoming PUBG Mobile (BGMI) C2S4 M8 RP (Tier) rewards, leaks, and release date details. We’ll share whatever we know about the next Royal Pass rewards so far.

The new season will have its own unique Royal Pass and tier rewards. Numerous fascinating outfits, gun skins, backpacks, helmets, emotes, and more skins will be available as rewards. The PUBG Mobile (BGMI) C2S4 M8 Royal Pass leaks & release date have sparked a lot of interest and excitement among the fanbase.

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PUBG Mobile (BGMI) C2S4 M8 Royal Pass Release Date

After running the game, if we go into the RP section of the game, we can clearly see the start and the end date of the current ongoing Royal Pass at the bottom area. So, according to this information, the PUBG Mobile C1S3 M7 Royal Pass will vanish on Feb 17, 2022. However, we know that after the previous RP rewards are locked, the next month’s Royal Pass rewards come in the game the next day.

We can assume that the new season of PUBG Mobile (BGMI) C2S4 M8 Royal Pass will be available on February 18th, 2022, based on this circumstance. There may be a delay due to unknown circumstances, or we will get it after a 1-2 days delay. However, considering the new season and Royal Pass release, we haven’t witnessed any delays since the game’s premiere.

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PUBG Mobile (BGMI) C2S4 M8 Royal Pass Rewards

This section needs a bit of time to be filled. But don’t worry, we will update the content as soon as we will come to know about the confirmed official PUBG Mobile (BGMI) M8 Royal Pass rewards.

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