PUBG 16.1 Update Fixes Weapon Balancing Problems

PUBG 16.1 Update Fixes Weapon Balancing Problems

PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions got a big PUBG 16.1 update to fix several game-breaking bugs and to improve weapon balancing. You can expect to get your Season 15 awards during the next few weeks based on the last tier you occupied at the conclusion of the previous season.

PUBG’s February Content Update: What Can We Expect?

The Death Cam and Replay capabilities in this update’s Test Server will be deactivated in order to avoid potential difficulties, such as enemy moves looking weird from distance to extremely unstable character animations to underwater spectating, from taking place.

SMGs, shotguns, and other small-caliber weapons have all received feedback from Bluehole Studios in the past. The developers, on the other hand, want to gather data over the course of several months before making any adjustments.

PUBG 16.1 Update Patch Notes

As a quick recap, here are a few noteworthy changes:

  • When employing the Drone during Auto Running, players were in an invincible position.
  • Fixed a bug where players would die while attempting to loot things from the Inventory with a Self-AED.
  • The Drone icon’s pointer now points in the correct direction on either the Minimap or the World Map.
  • We can’t wait to see what PUBG has in store for us in the upcoming season. To view the complete list of changes, please visit this page.

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