Perfect Animation: 5 Business Problems That Videos Solve

On daily basis, every Internet user is inundated with a massive volume of content. There are around 10,000 messages from businesses alone, without including other information. Only individuals with superpowers are capable of properly processing all of this. The final step is to try to put up an internal hard filter. The first item that this filter is always ready to let into the attention zone is something unique, but also as simple to perceive as feasible.

Animated graphics videos are exactly that. They cram essential messages into a laconic style that, despite its simplicity on the surface, does not deter the spectator. Animation can be lighthearted or serious, instructive or amusing. In any event, it performs marketing responsibilities just as effectively (if not better) than traditional videos. We’ve listed 5 business challenges this content handles. So the explainer video by Explain Ninja helps:

1. Describe

Users do not want to dive into it for an extended period of time; instead, they are looking for an informational squeeze in the simplest form possible. They want to know how to make a purchase, how to utilize a product, why a certain feature is required, and why and how costs rise rapidly. The goal of the brand is to assist customers by explaining everything and organizing everything on the shelves.

You may produce a five-minute video with an expert or a representative from a company who will tell you everything in detail. Traditional camcorder videos, on the other hand, contain a number of flaws.

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To begin with, if you produce these films on a shoestring budget, the end result is unlikely to be exceptional and will be identical to a million other videos. Second, the expert in the frame may appear uncaring to someone – this is a human aspect that is impossible to foresee and avoid. If you create an informative cartoon instead of a video with a white background and an expert, you will become more recognizable among rivals (animation’s proportion of the content stream is lower than video’s) and employ fictitious characters that do not risk generating unfavorable connotations.

2. Instruct

According to a poll conducted by Sprout Social, 59 percent of users want training videos on brand pages. Here, motion animation will come in handy. One of the many advantages of animation is that it can assist you represent almost any concept. The flight of fancy is unrestricted by anything in animation, unlike it is in a regular video. Do you require an explosion as well as helicopters? Do you believe Elon Musk will be the ideal person to showcase your new function to the audience or Do you want to demonstrate how the brain transmits signals to the body? Simply sketch the entire thing.

3. Make a profit

Brands have significant problems in connecting, engaging, and maintaining audiences, yet they all serve the same goal. From time to time, businesses would rather not beat about the bush and commit fresh motion graphics to a new product directly and openly. Typically, businesses use these films to demonstrate what a new product is composed of or to place it in amusing situations.

4. Provide entertainment

People use the Internet for a variety of reasons, including entertainment. According to data, the most common reasons for opening YouTube are to locate videos with helpful advice (65%) and to watch something humorous (57 percent ). The term “entertainment content” is usually associated with anything comical, but it is possible to create an interesting animation about a brand’s history or its consumers.

5. Introduce

Motion graphics material helps convey the brand’s concept and culture by captivating and engaging viewers. Even if the film is just about a product or a different holiday, it retains the brand’s aesthetic. Coca-Cola, for example, relentlessly promotes the notion that everyone, regardless of cultural background, enjoys drinking Coke.

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Let’s summarize

  • Motion graphics grab attention on social media – not nearly as much of this content as photos or traditional videos. At the same time, it is really more difficult to create it, because you cannot do it without special skills. To reduce the budget and time for the production of such videos, we advise:
  • Combine animation with recorded videos. Draw short animated inserts or pick up the right style motion designs, edit them and edit them with a regular video.
  • Use templates. Work with your designer to create some motion graphics template videos that you can use over and over again by changing a couple of elements or colors. Or pick up several ready-made templates and adapt to your needs.
  • Visualize statistics. Simple big data videos are a hot trend in content marketing. Infographics are alive and well. The main thing here is the conclusions. Even the most basic animated elements can illustrate them.

Or you can simply order an explanatory video from a special studio, having previously explained your vision and wishes. Here you can find out how much does an explainer video cost.