Organizational Change With the Help of Lewin’s Model of Change

How Can We Implement the Best Possible Type of Organizational Change With the Help of Lewin’s Model of Change?

Business organizations are perfectly faced with different kinds of challenges every day which is the main reason that they need to be very much dynamic in terms of basic approaches to meet all of them. Change is the only constant thing that has to be implemented in organizations and this is the best possible way of embracing the basic implementation of things. Hence, understanding the different kinds of approaches and procedures of the business organizations is very much important for the organizations and further implementation of Lewin’s change management model is the need of the hour. This particular model is a three-step process that will be capable of implementing the organizational changes very successfully and will always help in providing people with multiple benefits.

Lewin’s model of change was perfectly developed in the year 1940 and is regarded as the best possible type of cornerstone in terms of understanding organizational changes. The developer of this particular model came up with a three-stage process that was perfectly linked with the melting of the block of ice, re-freezing it into a different shape, and then dealing with the things. The very basic stages of the model have been explained as follows:

  1. Stage one: This is the most critical stage of the change management procedure and the very basic aim over here is to prepare the organizations for the changes which are going to undertake in this particular area. Changes will only happen whenever there will be a very strong motivation of undergoing it which is the main reason that organizations need to be clear about the concept of status quo, in this case, to deal with things very professionally. Management should be very much proficient in terms of communicating the reasons for changing the team to avoid any kind of chaos. Hence, good communication of strategy is the key to success in this case.
  2. Step two: This particular process is the time wherever the implementation of the changes will be carried out and further organizations will be entering into the second stage of transition. This particular process will perfectly embrace the things and will also help in providing people with multiple benefits in the form of regular communication regarding the benefits, explaining the impact of change to the members, being open about the questions, and getting involved in the whole process without any kind of doubt. Apart from this people also need to be very much clear about the process of being ready for the challenge is to avoid any kind of issue in the whole process.
  3. Step three: The third stage of this particular process will be the concept whenever the changes have completely bedded into the basic systems and will further help in providing people with multiple benefits. The teams always need to have a very positive affirmation about the basic things so that ongoing training and support will be easily made available to people, identification of the challenges will be carried out, and addressing of them will be undertaken very professionally, encouraging the team towards positive feedback and communicating the benefits very directly and effectively.

Hence, any kind of organizational change can be perfectly viewed through the lens of Lewin’s model which very well justifies that people need to be very much clear about the migration system in this particular case so that overall goals are very easily achieved and people will be able to enjoy the ability to be successful in the long run. This particular model is considered to be very easy in terms of application and is very much effective which is the main reason that teams need to be very well prepared for the whole process to enjoy a frictionless process in the whole process. Hence, it is very much useful for the leaders and managers to go with the option of applying this particular model and improving the workplace performance very successfully so that big organizational changes can go as only as possible without any kind of doubt. Ultimately implementation of the best possible Lewin’s model of change is the need of the hour so that every concerned organization will be able to enjoy the perfect level of confidence during the implementation of things in the industry.

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