OnePlus 10T Could Miss a Key Feature of OnePlus Devices

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In anticipation of the OnePlus 10T’s eventual arrival, we’ve begun to see information leaks regarding the next mobile phone. However, OnePlus lovers shouldn’t get excited by the most recent rumor.

SmartPrix site has posted the news, but the sources are from OnLeaks, a well-known leaker; therefore, these appear to be trustworthy. The latest OnePlus handset is shown from various perspectives, but the absence of a crucial feature is clearly evident.

The OnePlus 10T and OnePlus 10 Pro have a lot of similarities, including a very similar-looking camera notch. For instance, it lacks the alert slider, same as the Pro edition and several of the company’s earlier smartphones.

With an alert slider, you can switch your mobile between vibrate, silent, and volume mode. It removes the process of entering the settings and updating these options every time. You can change phone modes using the physical slide button on the side top.

iPhones also offer this feature, but it’s more common on Android devices from OnePlus, one of the most prominent features of OnePlus smartphones.

Quite a Shock to See this Feature Go

OnePlus’ T devices are the tweaked variants of the company’s base models. Despite lacking a ‘Pro’ label and some Pro elements, the 10T stands out from the competition.

So it’s not surprising that the OnePlus 10T lacks a few of the Pro’s functions, but it is strange to see the alert slider drop from the device. As a fan-favorite component, many individuals who will consider purchasing 10T want to have this element along with many other great functionalities.

While these rumors about the disappearance of the slider may not be accurate, Onleaks is known for providing substantial leaks. For now, be patient and wait. We will only know the exact features after the arrival of the OnePlus 10T.

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