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What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO includes those actions that are performed outside of your website. All those actions that are taken into action to improve the ranking outside of the website are included in it. Optimization of the website comes in on-page SEO. While things like building backlinks, social media shares, increasing engagements, and brand mentions all across the web are included in the off-page SEO.

In other words, the purpose of this type of SEO is to drive traffic to the website and bring your website higher in search results of Google or other search engines.

Why Off-page SEO is Important?

Google checks various off-page SEO factors when deciding which web pages to rank where and why. Out of these, backlinks are one of the most important factors but there are many other things that are also important. Google has made thousands of changes to its algorithms but still, backlinks form the foundation of Google algorithms.

Google has said that they still use PageRank that matters a lot:


Off-Page SEO

Google itself says that it looks at various different signals to understand the content of a page. One of them is backlinks.

Off-page SEO Google looks at many page signals to understand the content

According to Google, he looks at more than 200 factors when ranking any website.

Writing good content is not the only way to rank in search engines. We don’t know too much about the algorithms of Google that he uses to rank the content. But after understanding the off-page SEO factors, it is clear that off-page SEO has more than 50% share in the ranking factor.

Off-Page SEO Vs On-Page SEO

On-page SEO includes the optimization of various things within the website such as titles tags, content, headings, images and URL optimization, and internal linking. You have to optimize all of these things when writing an article.

On the other hand, off-page SEO includes the actions that need to be performed outside of the website. Off-page SEO techniques involve building backlinks, social media marketing or influencer marketing, brand mentions, and many other things.

Off-Page SEO Factors

Links Related Off-Site SEO

Backlinks are one of the most important and critical factors of off-page SEO. The reason is that Google’s algorithm named as “PageRank” looks at the quantity and quality of backlinks a web page contains. The more backlinks, the more Google will prefer your page. Many SEO professionals declared PageRank as an outdated concept. But Google itself confirmed that it’s still one of the factors for ranking any web page as mentioned above in the tweet from Gary Illyes.

1. Number of Backlinks or Referring Domains

Link building is a very important and famous technique in off-page SEO. You need to make backlinks of your page on other high authority websites. Actually, by building links you get votes for your website. The more votes you have, the higher your website will rank and you will leave behind your competitors. You can check the number of backlinks that your web page has by using tools like free backlinks checker.

Free backlinks checker

Simply paste your website and hit enter or click on check backlinks. Then you will get the complete report of your backlinks that your website has:

Off-page SEO free backlinks checker

Here are some of the best free backlinks checker tools:

  1. Ahrefs Backlinks Checker
  2. Neil Patel Backlinks Checker
  3. SEO Review Tools
  4. Small SEO Tools Backlinks Checker
  5. Backlinks Checker by Monitor Backlinks
  6. SiteChecker’s Backlinks Checker

By using backlinks, search engines check how valuable content a web page contains. If your page is getting links from high authority websites, then search engines find out that the content is valuable. So, they will rank your page.

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2. Authority of Links

Remember, not all backlinks are of equal quality. If your page is getting links from high authority websites, then all of those backlinks are high-quality backlinks. The authority of your will also increase automatically.

The higher the authority of the linking page, the more authority to passes to other pages that are linked to him. One high-quality backlink is better than 1000 low-quality backlinks.

Before creating backlinks on any website, you need to first check the domain authority, page authority, and spam score of that website. If all of them are fine then you can get a link from that website and it will be a quality backlink. If you search for domain or page authority checker and spam score checker on Google, you will find many free tools. With the help of them, you can easily check the authority of any website.

Domain authority checker and page authority checker

3. Dofollow Vs Nofollow Links

Dofollow is the simple state of the link or we can say that the link does not contain nofollow attribute. These links are indexed by Google and other search engines. So, if your website is getting a dofollow backlink from any other website, it will definitely affect the rankings of your website. Following is a dofollow link of one of our article:

“<a href=””>Backlinks and their Importance</a>”

Search engine bots crawl any web page by using dofollow backlinks and check that which page is linked to which another one. These are the most important type of links. Your website should have a good amount of dofollow backlinks to increase ranking in search engines.

On the other hand, nofollow links are the same as dofollow links but include nofollow attributes. These links are not crawled by the bots of search engines. Here is a nofollow backlinks with one additional attribute:

“<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Backlinks and their Importance</a>”

By just adding a nofollow attribute, the link becomes nofollow backlink, and search engines are not allowed to index those links.

Generally, all of your internal links are dofollow by default. But if you are getting links from other websites especially paid links, always check that the links are nofollow or dofollow. The amount of dofollow backlinks should be greater than the nofollow ones. Nofollow backlinks do not pass any PageRank to the website being linked to him. You can simply use the “Nofollow” chrome extension to check nofollow links on any web page. This extension highlights the all nofollow backlinks.

Getting links from the following sources are the nofollow backlinks:

  • Blog Commenting
  • Social Media
  • From Forums
  • From Press Releases
  • From Sponsored Content

4. Broken Links Building

A broken link means a link that no longer contains any page or a website, that doesn’t open or doesn’t work anymore. These types of links are very dangerous in terms of SEO.

In the broken link building technique, you need to find the broken links that are pointing to specific pages. But the problem is that finding broken links within your website can be a very difficult process.

There are many tools available on google where you can enter your site and check all of your broken links. Ahrefs is one of the popular ones.

Off-page SEO broken link checker

Simply enter your domain and hit enter then you will get the complete report of your broken links.

Broken Links Building

After founding all of the broken links of your pages, you need to create new fresh content and redirect your broken URLs to this new article.

5. Anchor Text

Anchor text contains those words that contain links to other pages or we can say that these are the clickable words. In its original PageRank patent, Google stated that:

Google employs a number of techniques to improve the search quality including PageRank, anchor text and proximity information.

Here is what Google’s John Mueller says:

Google uses the anchor text to understand the context of links and it is one of the ranking factors. Rich anchor text can make a difference in the rankings. By including your keywords in the anchor text can increase the performance of your website’s SEO.

6. Links from Pages with Good Organic Traffic

There is a clear relation between the top-ranking pages and the amount of organic traffic to their linking or referring pages. This means if you are getting links to your pages from top-ranking pages, then these links are more powerful or have more weight than the ones from low-ranking pages.

Because if your web page’s link is present on a website that is ranked on the first page of Google and has a very good amount of traffic. Definitely, the users will see the link of your page on that website and will come to your page by clicking on the URL.

Moreover, Google will also know that your page is getting a link from this top-ranked website and users are coming to your page by clicking on the link. Google will understand that your content has value and quality. So, Google will automatically increase the ranking of your page. 

But we can’t say that getting links from high traffic pages to work every time and links from pages with low-quality are worthless. If you are getting links from websites that have some authority, you will get benefit from those links.

Non-links Related Off-Site SEO

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not very important in terms of ranking. But social platforms are the best places to do your brand awareness. Because nowadays, everyone uses some kind of social media platform. So, a huge amount of audience is present on these social media sites from all over the world.

Social Media Marketing

Moreover, by creating profiles on different social media platforms, you can add a link to your website in these profiles. In this way, you will get backlinks from these profiles. Although all of these are no-follow but still are very important. You can also share your posts on these profiles and get traffic from these social platforms.

The other important thing is that you can build your audience through these platforms. You can bring them to your website by telling them about your brand. If you are providing quality and valuable information, they will become your permanent visitors. These social media platforms also help you with the SEO of your website.

2. Brand Mentions

A brand mention occurs when someone is talking about your services or products. There are a number of ways brand mentions can happen. For example, if someone mentions your brand in his blog post, this is the brand mention. There are many other things by which brand mentions happen.

Google likes brands and prefers to show branded websites in its search results. This is because brands are more reliable and users also trust them.

In the brand mention, your brand is mentioned on forums, articles, reviews, and social media networks.

These can be linked or non-linked. Linked mention obviously have great value but in one of his patent, Google said about both linked (express links) or non-linked (implied links) mentions:

Linked and Non-linked Brand Mentions

Google always prefers brands in their search algorithms whether they are linked or non-linked. But obviously, linked brand mentions get more referral traffic than unlinked ones.

The following are some ways to get brand mentions:

  • By Guest Posting
  • By Social Campaigns
  • Becoming Guest on Podcast
  • Customer Service

3. Reviews

Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines put a lot of focus on online reviews. One of the best SEO company Moz has said that reviews are the third most important factor for ranking in Google.

This thing makes sense. If people hate your site or give bad reviews, why would Google show your website to more people? Google always focus on quality that his users like. Because Google wants users to trust him. That’s why reviews create a huge difference in the rankings of your website.

You need to provide valuable information to the visitors so that users like this information and give positive and good reviews about your site.



Off-page SEO includes a lot of hard work to do as compared to on-page SEO. The reason is that off-site SEO is not in your controls. But Off-page SEO is a very important factor in SEO of your website. Because without this, you can’t rank your website in search results of Google and other search engines. If you want to make your SEO campaign great, you have to do this in the best possible way.


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