OCR Technology - A Robust Text Recognition Software

OCR Technology – A Robust Text Recognition Software

With the developments in the world, the establishment of the multiple tactics of cybercriminals is also seen who are attempting financial crimes and doing identity breaches. The digital stations are more in danger because everything is now operating digitally because of the arrival of coronavirus infection. Anyone in here can hack the personal sensitive credentials of an authoritative entity and can use them for their own illicit advantages anytime. Hence, for security reasons, optical character recognition SaaS is developed which is known as OCR, such OCR services are operating in several industries for the purpose of detection of information from images and documents. There are two documents there that are easily detectable by OCR technology, given below;

Structured Documents

Documents that are developed in advance are called structured documents, in which mobile OCR analyzes the documents through machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and detects personal data like the name of a person, his date of birth, and a picture. The documents like utility bills, passports, credit cards, debit cards, and driving licenses are also involved in structured documents.

Unstructured Documents

Those documents that do not contain any personal data and do not have any format are unstructured documents. Such documents are like legal declarations which comprise interventions and dates between two parties. The documents, for example, handwritten commitments, social media content, PDFs, and pictures are unstructured documents.

Moreover, the most important step to be observed is the working of the OCR engine and how it works efficiently for the recognition of characters from unstructured documents.

The Working of Character Recognition App

The credentials that are placed in the documents are converted into machine-coded text with the practice of OCR technology. The OCR text recognition app is an automated mechanism in which the text is digitized on scanned documents to compose a digital copy that is edited and stored electronically. For accurate outcomes, the traditional working of OCR is not supportive and at standard and can not fulfill the need for the assassination of the data just because the involvement of humans is compulsory in it.

OCR engine performs its work only on documents whose formats and templates are included in the system, and when these are not involved in the systems then the mechanism of eradicating authentic outcomes becomes complex. Although, SaaS inserted artificial intelligence into OCR applications to make them work more efficiently. There are some steps further to be discussed which are used for better working of OCR text recognition app, such as;

De-Skewing Method

In the de-skewing process of analyzing a document, the document of the customers is aligned in a proper way for the reason that a single loop can not be visible in it. This method helps to straighten the images of the texts that are cursive on the documents. Furthermore, the edges and borders are also graded and remove the specks.

Cleaning Technique

This process of OCR technology maintains the brightness and contrast of the documents and examines the thresholds.

Normalization Process

The procedure of the normalization process is used to manage the condition of the light of the document that has been passed from any processes.

Extraction of Information

There are several steps of this process such as;


The data is examined to extract the styles of text, text block, the creation of lines of text, stylized bitmaps, and in the last characters are detected, which is known as Extraction of data.

Features Extraction

In this the holes, straight lines, curve lines, and many loops are extracted through an OCR document scanner without any human support.

Automated Data Process

After the whole mechanism now the credentials are ready to come in a form and the data that was preprocessed automatically and was saved is utilized for filling the verification form of the customer, from this their precious time of the end-users can also be saved. Moreover, for the improvement of proficiency of the OCR services, the data is relinquished through post-processing which is used to obstruct the errors.

Advantages Of OCR Scanner App

The Character recognition app is serving out all businesses very efficiently and has many benefits, that are given below;


There is nothing better than working in less time and avoiding long procedures, for that, it is mandatory to notice the speed of OCR technology. That is working in minimum time and saving human efforts as well.

Data Quality

The credentials can not be attested again and again if they will be in paper form and can be mishandled easily. It will be very hard to check the lengthy data, for OCR technology is developed for the detailed verification of the documents without losing the quality of the data.

In A Nutshell

OCR technology is playing a vital role in scanning documents and converting unstructured data into structured data. This SaaS is multilingual and is very efficient in translating the information during the comprehensive mechanism of data detection. Cursive handwriting and handwritten credentials are also changed into digitized form with the help of this text recognition app.

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