Now Google Maps Will Show COVID-19 Hotspots in New Layers Option

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San Fransisco: One of the biggest and most popular internet search engine Google has announced to update its free Maps application in this week. Now, the app will show color-coding that highlights the areas infected with the cases of COVID-19 in different color schemes.

In a post on Thursday, Google said Maps are going to be enhanced if the user taps the new “COVID-19” option within the layers feature at the top right corner of the screen. It will provide the data using the newest seven-day average of cases per 100,000 people in the areas being viewed, said in the post.

A label will also let the users know whether the amount of COVID-19 cases during particular is trending up or down, said Maps product manager Sujay Banerjee.

In some areas, you would possibly find additional information about COVID-19. If you choose the alert on the Google Maps home screen, you will find locally relevant links based on your Map view.

The tool is supposed to give critical information about COVID-19 in an area so you will make more informed decisions about where to travel and what to do, said Sujay.

Data utilized in the COVID layer comes from sources including Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins Hospital, the NY Times, and Wikipedia. They get the information from public health outlets like the World Health Organization (WHO) and government health ministries, as Banerjee spoke.

Google Maps color legend told gray indicates “less than 1 case,” dark orange means “20 – 30 cases,” and red — the highest — shows “40+ cases.”

The COVID-19 layer is rolling out worldwide this week in versions of the app tailored for mobile devices powered by Google-backed Android software and Apple.

Google Maps already featured pandemic-related tools like letting users know when the public or transportation areas were likely to be crowded.

Banerjee said:

“While getting around is more complicated nowadays, our hope is that the Google Maps features let the users where you would like to be as safe and efficiently as possible.


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