Never Do These Bidding Mistakes on Freelance Projects

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Are you a freelancer and want to work in freelancing marketplaces? If you recently have bid on some projects but couldn’t succeed to win any project. You may be bidding on the wrong projects or your way of bidding may not be right. You are not getting any projects because you are doing many bidding mistakes that I’m going to tell you in this article.

Delivering a successful bid proposal is a much more difficult and complicated task. One good proposal requires a lot of time than simply doing bid after bid on projects. You will not win any single job by doing this. You have to give time to produce an excellent proposal to bid. In this way, you will become successful to impress the clients.

You have to completely understand everything including the job description (what are the client needs), project price, and cost of labor. After analyzing and realizing that you can perfectly perform this task and the budget is also good. You need to write a perfect proposal to attract the client so that he will hire you.

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Avoid These Bidding Mistakes on Freelance Projects

There are many common mistakes to avoid when bidding on freelance projects and new freelancers don’t know about them. Now I’m going to tell you some of those mistakes that become a barrier for you to win projects.

1. Bidding on Wrong Projects

The most common mistake that new freelancers make is bidding on the projects in which they are not experts and not able to deliver the work perfectly. My friends! never do this.

You don’t need to bid on every single project that is coming in front of you. Only look for the ones in which you are professional and expert, then bid on these projects.

First of all, you have to change your approach. Remember, there are a lot of freelancers that bid on a single job, so clients only choose some of them that he thinks are expert and professional for his job. He thinks they can do my work perfectly. If you are bidding on projects in which you haven’t any expertise, you are wasting your time and bids. You don’t have any previous work to show to your client.

Always bid on these projects that are suitable for you.

2. Writing Generic Proposal

If you are on any freelancing platform and looking for the projects according to your skills. It is better to write a detailed and personal proposal to apply for the job. Try to personalize each proposal that you are submitting.

Many freelancers do the mistake that they submit generic proposals that don’t work for them. When writing proposals, always mention your previously completed projects that are relevant to the job. Try to ask questions about the job. This will put a great impression on the client and he will consider you a professional.

Remember that there are many other freelancers bidding on the job other than you. If you apply by personalizing your proposal, you will be one step ahead of the rest of the freelancers.

3. Bidding with a Low Price

You might think that you will get the attention of the client by bidding at a low price. You will increase your price after you prove yourself talented. So, it is not at all.

Even if you get the client’s attention. Even then the client’s interest will not last long. Because when are chatting with the client, if you tell him you can’t work at this price. This situation is not good at all and the client will not take time to run away.

Carefully read and understand the description of the project. Fix your budget according to that and set the same price in your proposal. Then stick to this price.

4. Do Not Carefully Read the Proposal Before Submitting

Many freelancers try to be the first to apply to the projects. The result is that their proposals contain many grammatical and other mistakes.

They don’t even try to read their proposal once. Remember, freelancing is a business and you are professional. If you continue to make these kinds of mistakes, you will not become a successful freelancer. This thing put the impression that you want to spend more on bidding rather than working on projects. Never ever do these bidding mistakes if you want to become successful.

Read each line carefully after writing the proposal. This will help you to correct any grammatical and spelling mistakes and make your proposal perfect. Write a good proposal of your own according to the job that will help you to win the job.

5. Continue Bidding When Already Have Work Load

One of the main bidding mistakes is when you already have a lot of projects to complete. But you are interested in new projects and want to bid on them. If you overload yourself with the work, there are the chances of bad reviews on your profile. Because you will not be able to submit projects on time nor will you be able to communicate properly with the clients.

So first complete your existing projects and submit them. After that, apply for the newer ones when you are ready to take the projects.


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