Must Do Coding Questions for Companies like Amazon

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The placement season is here again with a full bang!

To hire the right candidate, tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and big companies are on the hunt.

Are you also one of those who want to get placed in such companies? Then some questions must be popping into your mind which include;

How can you prepare yourself well for the interview? What are the commonly asked Amazon coding questions? What strategies should you use to ace the interview?

Don’t worry, we have answers to all your queries!  Stay till the end of the blog to know all about it.

In the interview, you can be asked many questions but one common segment of the hiring process in a company like Amazon is the coding round. This is the round that may give a chill to most of the candidates as it includes all programming-related topics.

Though, the right preparation strategy and knowledge of commonly asked coding questions can give you a strong head start!

Why Should You Prepare Yourself for Coding Questions?

The coding round is one of the common yet most important and interesting rounds of the hiring process. Coding questions which are asked in the interview can be tricky at times and will take time to solve.

You need prior preparation and a good strategy for Amazon coding questions. Also, there are a variety of questions related to different concepts like- arrays and strings, binary trees, dynamic programming, and more.

It will take a good 3-4 months for you to grab all the knowledge to clear the concepts.

Now, if you got the answer that why should you prepare yourself, then let’s move further with another question.

What are Commonly Asked Coding Questions?

The coding questions revolve around two things- Data Structure and Algorithms. These two are based on the concept of arrays and strings, binary trees, dynamic programming, and linked lists.

We are listing some of the most asked questions that you must cover while prepping for the interview.


Find the missing number-

  • From the range 0 to n, a distinct number containing n is taken. The array contains only n numbers from the total n+1 numbers. You have to find out the missing number.

Explanation: In this question, you have to find out the missing number from the array which is given to you in the range of 0 to n where n is taken. It contains n numbers only that too from the total of n+1 numbers.

Find out if the total of two integers is the same as the value which is given-

  • An array is given which has some integers and a value, find out if the total of two integers is as same as the given value.

Explanation: In this question, an array will be given to you which contains integers and a value. You have to crack it to find out the sum between the two integers which should be equal to the value given.

Binary Tree

Find out if the binary tree is also a search tree-

  • The node’s key value in a binary search tree is smaller than the nodes in the right subtree, whereas the left subtree node’s key value is greater. From the given binary tree you have to find out if the binary tree is also a search tree.

Explanation: The key value of the node is smaller than the key value of the node of the right subtree and the key value of the node of the left subtree is greater. Now, you have to find out if the binary tree is a binary search tree too.


String segmentation

  • A dictionary of words and an input string are given. Figure out if the input string can be segmented into dictionary words.

Explanation: In this question, some words also called a dictionary of words and an input string will be given to you. You have to determine if the input string can be split into the words which are given.

Reverse words in a sentence

  • A string is given, figure out the longest substring.

Explanation: The question is to find out the longest substring from the given string.

Dynamic Programming

Coin denominations and the total amount are given, and figure out the ways to convert them into change.

Explanation: In this question, you have to find out some of the ways to convert the given coin denomination and the total amount into change.

Linked Lists

Merge two sorted linked lists

  •  Two sorted linked lists are given to, merge them in a way that the result of the linked list becomes also sorted

Explanation: In this question, two links will be given to you which are already sorted, you have to merge them in a certain way so that the result should also be sorted.

Copy linked list with arbitrary points

  • A node contains two pointers. The first one is the regular pointer and the second one is an arbitrary pointer that can point to any one of the nodes in the linked list. You have to find the code to create a deep copy of the linked list.

Note: Deep copy refers to the copied list which should not be affected by the operations on the original list.

Explanation: This question is asking you to create a copy list without affecting it. A node will be provided to you which has two pointers, one is the regular one and the second one is the arbitrary pointer.

These are some of the basic questions which are commonly asked in the interview and if you want to get some more knowledge about other coding questions then you can google Striver SDE sheet. This sheet contains questions that are commonly asked in a coding interview with Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft, etc. These questions are related to Data structures and Algorithms.

Strategies for Coding Interview:

Proper strategies can help you ace the interview. It is not always about how much time you spend preparing yourself, sometimes it’s also about how smart you can play.

  1. Be confident
  2. Pay attention to the question asked
  3. Draw an example
  4. Take your time
  5. After getting the solution, go through it again and again.
  6. Make sure there are no errors.


As we learned about the commonly asked coding questions in the companies like Amazon and strategies which can help you to get your dream job with ease and confidence.

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