The 11 Most Important SEO Tips to Boost Your Website’s Rank

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In this article, I’m going to tell you some of the most important SEO tips that you should need to know.

SEO is the most important thing to rank your website in the top results of search engines. If you don’t do good SEO for your website, you will not get organic traffic to your site.

The main focus is to rank your website on the first page of Google and other search engines. Google uses more than 200 ranking factors to rank any page. We don’t know too much about these factors.

But you have to follow some best SEO practices that will definitely give you benefits in the coming time. The following are some of the best SEO tips that give a boost to your website’s rankings:

Best SEO Tips to Boost Your Rankings

1. Increase Page Loading Speed

The page loading speed of your website is the most critical thing in Google’s rankings.

Suppose, if your pages are taking 8-10 seconds to fully load, it will give a very bad user experience and no one will want to stay at your website. It will also affect rankings in search engines.

Take a look at what Google says about pages speed:

SEO tips page loading speed

Now, page speed is also one of the ranking factors. As stated above, people need their solutions as quickly as possible means your pages need to be load very fast.

You need to analyze your website’s loading speed. Then remove or fix all those things that are causing the website to load slowly.

How can you analyze the loading speed of your pages?

You can use tools like GTmetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check how many seconds your website is taking to load. The good thing is that these tools also show you the errors which are causing problems in the loading of pages.

When you enter your website’s URL in GTmetrix, you will see the following type of screen:

GTMetrix seo tips

You can see the complete details of your web page.

The use of different scripts is the main cause of the increase in loading time. If you are facing the loading speed issue, remove all those scripts that are the cause of this and not much important.

2. Use Keywords Correctly in Your Pages

Using the right keywords in the title, URL, and content helps Google to understand what your web page is about.

Use your exact keyword in the title tag and at least 2-3 times in your content. Your same targeted keyword needs to appear in the first paragraph of your article.

My main keyword for this article is “SEO tips“. Here is how I used this keyword in my title and at the start of the content:

Use exact keywords in your pages SEO tips

But the first step is to find the right keywords on which you are going to write. Always choose the keywords with low competition and good search volume.

Here is an example of that:

Keyword research with Google keyword planner

The keyword “what are backlinks” has very good searches but its competition is low. This means you can easily rank your article for that keyword.

Targeting and using the right keywords is one of the key factors in search engine rankings.

You need to optimize your title mag and meta description using your keywords in the right manner. Add the exact keyword in the title for only one time and in the meta description not more than two times.

Google highlights the words in the description that are matched with search queries in search pages.

Meta description

3. Add Exact Keywords in Alt Tags of Images and Videos

Maybe you are ignoring this thing that you are not using the images and videos in the right manner in which you need to use for better SEO.

When you search for anything on Google, you see that Google also shows images related to that keyword in the images section.

Keyword research youtube

Look at the above images, Google images have shown all of youtube’s images when searched for the keyword “youtube”. This is because these images have the keyword “youtube” in their alt tags.

What do think about where these images come from?

Actually, these are the images from different websites that Google index using their alt tags and shows according to the user’s search queries.

So using the proper keyword in alt tags of your images and videos will give you much better results than without alt tags.

Google also says that they use images alt tags to rank pages in the web search:

Google rank pages for alt tags

Here is the official tweet from Google’s John Mueller:

Google doesn’t understand what type of media your page contains. So, Google uses alt attributes to understand which type of media is this.

4. Update Old Pages

If you have your old posts that are not ranking at the top due to some issues. You have to update all those old pages.

Add more detailed and quality information to them. Use proper keywords at the right places such as in the URL, title tag, and in the content.

You need to add both internal and external links as well.

Change the old title and description. Do perfect keyword research and use them properly in the title and description of your pages.

Write quality and valuable content by keeping users and search engines in mind. After updating the page, you will see that your page is getting ranked in the search results.

5. Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the best things to get your traffic from one of your pages to other pages of your website.

It is one of the best SEO tips and factors to get more traffic.

Internal Linking most important SEO tips

If anyone of your page is ranked on the first page of Google and you are getting a huge amount of organic traffic on that page. You can transfer all this traffic from this page to your other old pages by internal linking.

What you have to do is just add links to your old pages in the authority web pages.

There are some SEO tips you need to follow for internal linking:

  • Use your keywords in the anchor text of your links. Anchor text is the text that contains links to other pages. For example, one of my articles is about high-quality backlinks so I have linked that page with the words “high-quality backlinks”. Some of my other articles are about On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. So you have seen how I have used keyword-rich anchor text for internal linking.
  • The best practice is that you should add links to low authority pages in high authority ones. It means you need to send authority to those pages which are not ranked. Add links to these pages in your high authority top-ranked pages that are getting good traffic. As a result, those pages will also automatically get the authority and will get good rankings.

5. Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the main assets of your website.

Wants to get higher rankings and good organic traffic?

Without quality backlinks, this thing seems impossible. No backlinks mean no rank and no organic traffic. Backlinks are considered votes for any web page. The more votes are cast for any page means the more authoritative the page will be.

Build quality backlinks best SEO tips

With so many changes in Google’s algorithms, backlinks are still the most important rankings factor that Google checks when indexing any page.

If any web page is getting quality backlinks from other authority websites, Google will analyze that this page has valuable and informative content. Google gives a boost to those page’s rankings.

You need to find authority websites that are relevant to your topic. You can comment on different websites and add links to your pages.

More you can take participate in forums and build your audience from these forums. You can add links in conversation when you think it is informative and necessary for others. Otherwise, those forums will spam your links.

Guest posting is another best way of building quality backlinks. You need to find websites with high domain and page authority that are allowing you to write articles for them. You can write for those websites and add your page links within the article.

6. Write Valuable and Detailed Content

Without good content, you can’t survive.

Either you make your pages fast and create a beautiful layout of your website. But if the content on your website is not valuable, unique, and informative. You will not get rank in search results. Neither any user nor Google will take interest in your website.

Content writing

Your content is the king of your website that decides your website’s rankings and the amount of traffic you will get.

If users come to your page but don’t find the information they are looking for. They don’t stay at your website and it will increase the bounce rate of your website. The bounce rate is one of the SEO factors and it has its importance.

When Google sees that the users are not staying at your website, Google comes to know that your page has no valuable content. Google will also drop your page’s rankings and will not show in search results.

The reason is that Google always focuses on showing right and valuable information to its users when they search for something on it.

Always write content by keeping users in mind first. Cover every possible about the topic on which you are writing and try to give answers to all possible questions related to that topic.

7. Create Profiles on Social Media

You need to create profiles on at least 5 social media platforms and add your website URL to these profiles. All of these are high-quality backlinks.

Social Media

Google also indexes social media URLs and show them in the search results.

After publishing each post, share it on these social media sites because Google index this article immediately when shared on social media.

That’s the best solution to tell Google that your new post has arrived on the web.

Another benefit of creating social media profiles is that you can build a very good audience for your brand by getting followers on these social signals.

8. Replace Broken Links

Broken links are too dangerous for your website SEO.

Broken links are those links that don’t contain pages now or that are not working. Find such links on your website with the help of tools and replace them with new links by publishing new articles. Ahref’s broken link checker is the best tool for that.

Ahrefs broken link checker

Just enter your website address and hit enter. Then you will all the URLs that are not working now. Replace all these URLs with the newer ones by publishing new content for each of them.

9. Use Short But Readable URLs

The best practice is to keep your page’s URLs short but easy to read.

If your URLs are not understandable by the users, the search engines may also be confused with those URLs.

Add your exact keywords in them which are also present in the title tag and meta description. If your URLs are long but make sense and easy to understand, that’s fine.

Avoid to use these type of URLs which both users and search engines:


Now take a look at my URL for this article which is short and include my keyword:

URL in SEO tips

The benefit of using the keyword-rich and readable URL is that when users come to your page, they will memorize this URL. More, due to the use of a keyword, Google will also easily understand the URL and what your page is about.

10. Do Annual Content Audit

Content audit means analyzing all of your pages whether each of them is working fine for you. Are there any pages that exist that are useful and that need to be deleted or updated?

Because such bad pages may be the cause of low traffic on your website. You also need to know that if any pages exist with broken links.

After analyzing, delete all those posts which you think are not important for you now. If there are any posts that still give you benefit, update them by writing more detailed and quality content.

For WordPress users, Ahref’s free plugin is available that will help in the Content Audit of your website.

11. Use Google Analytics to Track Status

Google Analytics is the tool from Google which shows complete stats of your website’s traffic.

Google Analytics tracks your website and shows how many users are coming to your website on a daily basis.

Google Analytics

It also shows you which pages are getting more traffic in which users are taking an interest and how many users are present at the time when you are seeing Google Analytics.

It also tells you the location from which countries you are getting more traffic.

It’s the best tool to analyze your traffic stats and you should need to integrate with your website.

Conclusion for SEO Tips

All of the above-mentioned SEO tips give you benefits in the future if you follow them properly. Because without a good SEO strategy, you will not survive.

You have to do proper SEO by following the best practices and these SEO tips so that both users and Google love your pages. That’s the way to get higher rankings in search results and a very good amount of organic traffic.


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