The Most Important College Life Hacks You Will Never Hear

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Getting a diploma is only part of what college is. You’ve only won half the battle by reading, doing homework, and other requirements. Even college professors won’t teach you everything to know about higher learning.

You need to know more about college than just the upcoming tuition fees that you need to know to save money. Here are the most crucial college life hacks no one will tell you.

Take Advantage of Your Professors’ Time

Expert mentors are rare outside of school environments. However, many students fail to take advantage of opportunities to meet their professors outside the classroom. Consequently, you may stand out from other students in your field, better understand your studies, and develop connections that will benefit your future.

While many professors actively encourage their students to attend office hours, few students participate, and sometimes none do. You’ll send a clear message to your professors by visiting them outside of class to show that you’re interested in their teachings. A higher grade, a letter of recommendation, and a referral to a potential employer or mentor may result.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Bad sleep habits are prevalent in most college and university students. One of the most helpful life hacks for students is sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, even during college. Sleeping eight hours a night can enhance your health, memory, and learning capabilities‌.

Sleep deprivation might damage your most important cognitive functions. For this reason, you should always go to bed and get up simultaneously every day, even on the weekends. Keep your dorm room cool and dark for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Take Regular Tests

Learning and retaining information is easier when you take practice tests. A study published by Psychology in the Public Interest (PSPI) outperformed many standard study techniques. Furthermore, quizzing yourself this way isn’t stressful since the stakes are so low. The answer you get wrong merely motivates you to gain more knowledge. They won’t grade you.

You can find practice tests on a variety of topics online. They are available on the websites of many colleges and universities. Furthermore, you may use online study platforms like Studocu for comprehensive study tests, summaries, and assignments to enhance your education.

Flashcards are also convenient and just as effective. These exercises help you memorize what you’ve learned and mastered it bit by bit. No matter where you are, whether out on a walk or waiting in line, you can take them with you. During your first three attempts, try to retrieve the information from the deck at least three times while shuffling frequently. An app like Quizlet can also help you make flashcards or view other users’ cards.

Be Responsible

After four years of high school, something will surprise you during the first few weeks: freedom. There will be no curfews, no screaming at you for touching their latest issue of some comic, no telling you how to manage your money, and no stopping you from drinking your way to the grave.

Therefore, you must discipline yourself. Make sure your room is clean and well-organized, plan and manage your weekly expenses, and set a regular bedtime. However, this does not mean you cannot have fun. Plan a few nights to go out with your friends and have fun, provided that it doesn’t substantially affect your schoolwork.

Take Notes

Paying attention to a screen can be challenging, and almost everyone has once fallen asleep. Take advantage of the technology surrounding this issue to stay ahead of the game. You might use a shared Google Doc to collaborate with your classmates on note-taking. As a lecture begins, ask your classmates to contribute and get everyone to take notes.

It works best if you designate one person to handle each section or topic, with everyone else providing comments and context. It eliminates the worry of missing details because you slept for a microsecond or the lecturer went too fast. Digital documents are also easy to access because they are digital.


College hacks may work for you; others may not. However, that’s okay. Choosing your strategies is up to you. Eventually, you’ll discover what works for you. Don’t forget that you can always get more training. You do not have to stay on a path you dislike. You can choose from several educational college life hacks.

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