Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptops Suffered a Serious BIOS Failure

Some Lenovo gaming laptop consumers have experienced issues following the April release of a new BIOS upgrade.

When Lenovo released the GKCN53WW BIOS version a month ago, it was met with a flurry of complaints on numerous internet forums about major issues that had arisen after the upgrade. Windows Latest, which discovered this, found that Lenovo Legion gaming laptops were the most affected.

Blue Screen of Death crashes caused by the error “DEVICE POWER STATE FAILURE” (also known as a driver power failure) or indeed boot failure can be among the unpleasant side effects of the BIOS update. Other problems include freezing and frame rate drops while playing games.

A user asked on Reddit whether this update is safe or not to install? Then one person answered this as mentioned below:

As it includes solutions for several serious BIOS problems that the laptop maker recently announced, coupled with many tweaks for power-related settings, Lenovo actually classifies this BIOS update as a crucial one.

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