Learn How to Play World of Warcraft in 2022

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World of Warcraft will turn 18 years in November 2022. During the existence of the game, the developers have added and changed many mechanics and aspects that are not so easy to understand for a novice gamer who wants to show high results in the PvE component of Blizzard’s MMORPG. We share tips and tell you how to learn how to play World of Warcraft.

What to Start With?

Before you look for options to improve your gaming skills, you should decide how much time you are willing to devote to World of Warcraft. The more time you spend in WoW, the better you play – accordingly, if you have only a few hours at your disposal on weekends, then it will be almost impossible to become a strong player. Unless with the help of paid services, such as https://skycoach.gg/wow-boost, which offer account boosting and professional support, including coaching, which saves your personal playing time in favor of quality and growth rate. But this, of course, is up to you.

If there are no problems over time, then the second thing to think about is the role and class. It’s very important that you enjoy playing as a character, otherwise, you’ll get bored with WoW pretty quickly. When choosing, pay attention to the strength and relevance of the class in the current expansion, but also consider personal preferences.


Tutorials will help you master the class, as a rule, they contain all the basic information – from a detailed description of abilities to the best items for your character. You can use Wowhead.com and Icy-veins.com to find guides. There are guides for both the current and classic versions of the game.

When studying WoW guides, you need to take into account that they are written by other players who may make mistakes, so you should not take these tips as absolute truth – think with your head. In addition, Blizzard often releases updates that change the balance of the game and, accordingly, affect the meta. Because of this, some points in the manual may be out of date – it depends on how often the author edits the material.

Do not forget to check the information from the guides with the help of other sources. For example, you can go to the Raider.io website and explore the leaderboards for your class and specialization – see what talents players choose, what they wear, and so on.

Class Channels in Discord

An alternative way to get useful information is the World of Warcraft class channels on Discord. They are easily found in the search engine, but if you suddenly have difficulty with this, then check the list of such communities on Wowhead. Keep in mind that separate channels can be created for the classic version of the game.

Moderators of class communities quickly update information that will help you choose the right equipment for your character, improve gaming skills and understand the mechanics of the class. In addition, Discord gives you the opportunity to communicate with other people: feel free to ask your question in a text chat – most gamers will be happy to help.

Warcraft Logs

Warcraft Logs are the most useful yet challenging resource for improving your gaming skills. World of Warcraft users has the ability to record a combat log – that is, battles with bosses and other creatures in dungeons and raids. This data is presented as a text file in the game folder, but if you upload it to Warcraft Logs, the site structures this information and provides an opportunity to analyze the recorded battle in detail.

The most effective way to improve your skills with Warcraft Logs is to compare yourself to more successful players in the same class and role in the “All-Stars” category. By studying this data and comparing it with your own indicators, you can understand what you are doing wrong and what you should work on first.

Addons, macros, binds, and SimCraft

In addition to studying guides and game mechanics, you need to clean up the technical component of your client and character.

Firstly, an experienced gamer uses a number of add-ons – additional programs for World of Warcraft that expand and improve the functionality of Blizzard’s MMORPG. You can find them on the CurseForge website, which has its own PC app. It is worth exploring at least 10-20 of the most popular ones and installing the ones that interest you the most. The choice of add-ons is subjective.

Secondly, experienced gamers use the so-called macros – a set of commands and conditions that will help optimize your rotation and simply simplify the gameplay (#showtooltip, /dismount, /stopmacro [mounted], and others). For example, thanks to them, you can call different mounts with one button, depending on the conditions of the location.

Thirdly, advanced users almost never click abilities with the mouse – all spells must be assigned to specific buttons on the keyboard. This applies to abilities that are part of your main rotation. By ignoring this point, you will be less effective in combat.

Fourthly, it is important also to dress the character effectively. In the current version of World of Warcraft, a special website and add-on called Raidbots and Simulationcraft, respectively, have been developed for this. Extensions allow you to run a simulation of a real battle, according to the results of which the program will determine how much a particular item will strengthen you.


After you understand all of the above points, it remains to put the knowledge into practice. Of course, it will not be possible to immediately become one of the best players in the world, because the theory and the real situation in battle are completely different things. However, if you take the process seriously, over time you will master all the key aspects and hone the mechanics of World of Warcraft, which will eventually allow you to perform your tasks in PvE better and more efficiently than an average player.

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