Instagram Story Insight: Metrics That Matters

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If you are looking for a better visual to give a live update, nothing can be better than Instagram stories.

Whether you are an individual sipping coffee or a traveler sharing your live updates, nothing can beat Instagram stories to instantly update what you are doing.

However, just sharing content on Instagram will not make you famous. You must be aware of metrics that actually matter and work to boost these metrics.

For instance, if you are sharing a post, how many views it gets matters a lot. The importance of views can be summarized by the fact that people buy views for instagram.

Metrics are important. They give you valuable insight into how your Instagram is performing.

What Is Instagram Story Insight?

Instagram story insight is a set of metrics that helps you understand how your content is performing on the platform. It includes views, shares, clicks, taps, and how your audiences engage with your content.

For brands to become Instagram-worthy is all about investing time and experts to establish and well optimize Instagram accounts.

You mustn’t forget that this photo-sharing application is now not limited to sharing what you eat and where you are traveling. Instead, it has become highly commercial and market-oriented.

While some people are using Instagram Story insight to its fullest, some are clueless about the metrics it offers and how it can benefit them.

Understanding Instagram Stories Insight is highly beneficial for the marketing professionals who want to make a mark on the platform.

Instagram Story Insight: Metrics That Matters

The only way you can create a successful Instagram strategy is by understanding its metrics. You can view the metrics from Instagram Stories Insight.

While you go through the insight, you will find too much information on the screen. That might overwhelm you.

So, we have handpicked the most significant metrics to look out for.

1. Slide Per Impression

The slide per impression is the number of slides a view watches before exiting your story. By carefully analyzing the slide per impression, you can get that sweet spot to the point where people like to watch your stories.

There is so much information on Instagram that you need to be aware of while posting a story. Having ten slides get the job done, while for some, three is enough.

You must understand that each niche has different audiences with different responses and engagement levels.

2. Total Impressions

The total impression is the total number of times your stories have been viewed in a selected time period. This metric helps you understand the percentage of followers that actually view your content.

By monitoring how this metric changes with a simple change in post schedule, you can understand which is the best time to find your followers online.

3. Stories Made

Stories made is a simple metric yet quite effective for your Instagram campaign. This metric tells you about the number of posts made and how they have impacted other metrics.

The metrics include:

  • Followings
  • Engagement
  • Swipe ups
  • Profile visit

Tracking down these metrics will help you understand how it affects the Instagram account and whether you have any potential to grow and engage with your audience.

4. Completion Rate

The completion rate is one of the four pillars that support the success of your Instagram story. The completion rate shows just how engaging your content is on Instagram.

The completion rate percentage is shown how much of your total story has been watched by your followers. It calculates the percentage based on people who have watched the entire story vs. people who have dropped off.


Let that sink in.

The entire population of the United States is logging in to Instagram, tapping on stories, and following business pages to find what is new. This gives you a golden opportunity to attract your ideal customer and start making sales.

But, before you can start making it rain dollars, you need a solid Instagram story strategy. And for that, you need insight. This is where you will find this piece of information helpful.

If you ever feel unclear about where to start – Remember the answer lies in your Analytics.

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