How to Watch Your Favorite Netflix Shows Offline

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As Netflix continues to grow in popularity with its enviable collection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries, users are looking for new ways to enjoy it. Even though streaming Netflix with an active internet connection is pretty convenient, there may be situational demand when you feel the need to play videos without the internet. For instance, if you have a long flight scheduled or are stranded in a remote cabin and have no way of connecting to a local Wi-Fi, it would be nice if you had some of your favorite Netflix content saved on your personal device. You can easily sail through these or similar situations by knowing how to download movies on Netflix.

Let’s see how you can watch your favorite Netflix shows and movies offline on various devices.

StreamFab Netflix Downloader: Watching Netflix Shows Offline in an Easier Manner

This Netflix video downloader from StreamFab is one of the most powerful tools to help you get Netflix movies and TV shows in 1080p MP4 videos to watch entirely offline. StreamFab is a sub-brand of DVDFab. The software comes with an extremely easy-to-use interface which makes it very popular all across the globe. It boasts over a hundred million downloads, more than 50 updates a year, and over 80 million users worldwide. So you no need to be anxious about internet connectivity usage anymore. Instead, just download all your favorite videos from Netflix for viewing at your convenience offline.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • You can save the downloaded videos as universal MP4 Files
  • Allows you to choose audio and subtitles according to your preferred language
  • You can also save all subtitles as SRT files or even remux them directly into the videos
  • It has an auto-download feature that can be started at a scheduled time
  • High-speed batch downloading
  • All meta information gets downloaded for easy media library management

How to Use the StreamFab Netflix Downloader to Download Videos?

Step 1: Select Netflix and Open It

StreamFab Netflix Download Dashboard Interface

Launch the StreamFab downloader and go to the “VIP Services” tab on the left. Then open Netflix from the supported services on the right.

Step 2: Log in to Your Account

Log in to Your StreamFab Downloader

Use your account details to sign in and play the video you wish to download.

Step 3: Begin the Downloading Process

Download Your Favorite Netflix Videos Using StreamFab

Now click on the Download Now button that features on the pop-up window and commences the process of downloading the video.

How to Download Movies from Netflix to Your PC?

If you wish to download Netflix movies to your laptop or PC with Windows 10 or 11, you must first get the app from the Microsoft Store. This is because the channel does not allow downloading content from a browser. Once the app is downloaded, you can quickly follow a few steps and download movies from Netflix.

Step 1: Launch the Netflix App

Netflix PC Application

First, you have to launch the app for Netflix on your PC. Then, if you log into the app for the first time, you will find a notification on your screen, which will have the link to downloadable movies and TV shows.

Step 2: Go to the Menu

Navigate to the top left corner of your screen and tap on the Menu option, which is denoted by three horizontal lines. Once in, go down to ‘Available for Download.’

Download Videos or Movies from Netflix Desktop Application

Step 3: Browse for the Movie or TV Show of Your Choice

Go through the listings of TV shows and movies and look for the one you wish to watch offline

Step 4: Start Downloading

Tap on Download Button to Start Download Favourite Movies and Shows

Tap on the Download icon to commence the process of downloading. 

Once complete, go to the Menu icon and click on ‘My Downloads.’ You should find your downloaded titles there. Click on the one you wish to see to play it.

How to Download Movies on Netflix for Your Android Device?

You can follow these simple steps if you are wondering how to download Netflix movies and shows on Android. However, you need first ensure that the Netflix app’s latest version is available on your Android phone or tablet running Android 4.4.2 KitKat or later.

Step 1: Open Netflix and Look for the Video You Wish to Download

Install the Netflix app from Google PlayStore and log in to your account. Find the video that you wish to watch offline. Click on it to open the detail page. Look for the episode you want to download if it is a series.

Download Movies from Netflix Android App

Step 2: Select the Download Option

Click on the ‘Downloads’ button at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Find Something to Download.’ Select a video and look for the download button with a downward pointing arrow. Tap on it to start downloading.

Open Your Desired Video and Click on Download Button

Note that while movies have only one download button, it is different in the case of TV series. You will find individual download buttons for each episode. Besides, you will find that not all titles on Netflix have a download button near them. This means that these videos are not available for download.

How to Download Movies from Netflix to Your iPhone?

Netflix gives its users a unique download feature on its app for iOS. All you need to ensure is that your device’s latest version of the Netflix app is installed.

If you wish to know how do you download movies on Netflix to your iPhone, you can just go through the following steps.

Step 1: Open Netflix and Go to Menu

Check the Netflix app on your iPhone and go to the “Menu” button in your screen’s upper left corner.

Step 2: Select Available for Download

Once you get the drop-down list, you have selected the option ‘Available for Download.’ Here, you will locate the list of all the movies and shows you can download and keep for offline viewing.

Step 3: Pick the Content You Want to Watch Offline

Go through the list and tap on the video you wish to keep for later viewing. You will see the detailed information page open up once you tap on the title

Step 4: Select Video Quality and Start Downloading

Set the video quality as “Higher” in the “App Settings” if you wish to download the video in HD quality. Select the Download option that is present below the description to start the process of downloading. You will find the list of downloaded content in the My Downloads section on the menu.

However, here again, you have to note before you download Netflix movies that not all videos from the Netflix library are available. Moreover, you can only download a maximum of 100 titles to a single device. Another restriction is that you can watch the downloads only within the Netflix app. This is because what you are essentially doing is just downloading a cache file from Netflix, and the file is time-limited. So you will also have to finish viewing the downloaded video within a limited time period before it expires.

If you wish to bypass all these limitations and download movies from Netflix in a way that you can keep them for eternity to be watched whenever, wherever, and as many times as you wish, go for a completely different option. You can use the StreamFab Netflix Downloader if you want a hassle-free method and still learn how do you download movies on Netflix.


When I Try Downloading Movies from Netflix, Why are Some Original Movies and TV Shows not Available for Offline Viewing?

You will find that specific Netflix videos are not available for download. The primary reason behind this is certain TV shows, and movies on the platform are produced in partnership with a studio with all the rights to the franchise or intellectual property associated with the content. Thus, although Netflix may have the rights to offer them for streaming, they may not be able to offer them for download.

How to Download Movies on Netflix Without Wi-Fi?

You can also download movies from Netflix without Wi-Fi and just with the help of your mobile network. For example, when you see the “Waiting for Wi-Fi” message, you must select either the Download Settings or Download Now option. If you operate an Android device, select the Allow to turn off the Wi-Fi Only setting when prompted.

Can I Download Netflix Movies on My Smartphone?

Yes, you can, as Netflix allows users to download TV shows and movies through its app for iOS and Android for offline viewing.


Netflix is a great platform to unwind with its awesome content. There may be situations, however, when you have limited internet connectivity and wish you knew how to download Netflix movies for offline viewing. In the above article, we have brought you some of the best options for this: You can enjoy Netflix offline, be it on a PC, Android or iPhone. You can select as per your wish and thus let nothing stop you from catching that latest Netflix video without any hindrance or limitation.

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