How to Watch eSports from Anywhere? Complete Guide

Over the years, sports have remained one of the major sources of entertainment for people. Some are players, but most are spectators and this is not new. Just as hordes crowded into Roman amphitheaters to watch bloody gladiator fights, they now fill up stadiums to cheer for football teams. But in recent times, things have moved further. The rise of esports is a major sign of this.

Esports are sports, but the ‘e’ is important. It is what ensures that you can stay entertained from anywhere in the world. And you don’t even need a TV with a Charter cable connection! But what exactly are esports, anyway?

What Are Esports?

Esports are sports… but electronic. Who would’ve thought?

With every popular activity taking up digital space, it’s no wonder that sports also have an entire online category. You probably know about video games, both online and offline. A big part of playing any game is to embrace a competitive spirit. The challenge of beating other players or even your own high score is what gives you a rush. It’s rewarding, fun, and addictive. In eSports, this same excitement is blown up to another level.

Expert gamers and teams from across the world can play in professional gaming tournaments. These competitions take place on various levels: local, national, regional, or global. Also, these contests are no less than any other sports tournament. Like traditional sports, they are tough, and they offer great rewards. Winners of esports tournaments can walk away with glory, fame, and handsome cash prizes. Think Olympics, but for video games! (Fun fact: The International Olympic Committee gave recognition to esports in 2017.)

Since major world tournaments are sponsored or owned by gaming giants, such as PlayStation, participation in them is highly coveted. Sometimes, even fans collect funds to make these contests happen. The dedication is real. Moreover, some popular games have entire contests dedicated to just them! For instance, “The International” is an annual international championship tournament for players of the videogame Dota 2.

Like all professional sports, esports come with their own fanbase. This is why millions across the world switch on their screens to watch live esports tournaments. Whether a contest takes place in a physical location, or online, it is sure to have an eager audience.

How Can You Watch Esports?

If the fear of missing out on something exciting is haunting you, rest easy. Luckily for you, you can tune into most live and recorded esports matches online. From anywhere in the world! To witness the exciting frenzy of an esports contest, you can choose from many options.

Be an Online Spectator

If you have an internet connection, a device that supports it, and a screen, you’re good to go. Just like movies and television shows, most esports tournaments are streamed or shared online. If you’re lucky, you can catch a match live. Otherwise, you can always access the match archives. With a web browser, you simply need to visit one of many videogame streaming services.


This popular video-streaming platform is a hit within the gaming community. On Twitch, you can stream your videogames, or watch other people play. While this app is famous as a community-building platform for gamers, you can also use it to view gaming tournaments.

Usually, you can find a link to watch a live esports match on the tournament’s official page. Otherwise, you can always ask other Twitch members to direct you to useful links. Moreover, Twitch has an esports directory that tracks all the latest tournaments.

Facebook Gaming

This is a dedicated esports platform for Facebook users. Through this platform, you can view esports tournaments, and even create your own! Also, you can invite your Facebook friends to watch or engage with you.

YouTube Gaming

This is the leading video-streaming platform’s gaming arm. In 2020, YouTube signed an exclusive deal with the gaming company Activision-Blizzard. Through this, YouTube became an official streaming platform for esports leagues of some of the most popular video games today. These include Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. So, you can easily watch reruns of these games’ matches on YouTube!

Turn on Your TV

If you prefer to catch your sports matches on the TV like in old times, you’re in luck. That’s because many TV channels now stream esports matches. For example, ESPN2, Disney XD, BBC, and TBC.

Watch in Person

Of course, there’s nothing better for a sports fan than watching a match live and in-person. So, if you’re an esports enthusiast, you can search if any tournaments are happening near you. While all physical tournaments were canceled last year due to COVID-19, there’s hope for the future. Cheering in a crowded stadium alongside other excited fans will always be an unrivaled experience.