How to Track Android Devices Secretly and Remotely

How to Track Android Devices Secretly and Remotely?

You will see every person across town owns a smartphone these days. Adults, kids, teens, or even the elderly; they’re always glued to their mobile phone screens. But have you wondered if you can track Android devices remotely?

If we had talked in the past about tracking phones like two decades ago, then we probably wouldn’t have believed in such a thing. But again, there wouldn’t have been any need to track phones as technology was simpler back then.

Firstly, kids had minimal access to the internet or digital devices, and second, there were not many internet threats compared to today. Teenagers are highly addicted to Android phones, and parents are having a hard time monitoring them as technology has advanced so much.

So, modern technology requires an advanced solution so parents can monitor their kids without any problem, and employers can manage their employees remotely. You can track Android smartphones secretly and remotely through different mediums.

How to track Android phones remotely?

If you want to know how to track a cell phone location without installing software on the target phone? Well, it is not possible to track a phone without installing a tracking application. You will need a tracking app to monitor android phones remotely. The phone you want to monitor can be anyone’s, e.g., your child, spouse, employee. Of course, you can’t be with your kids 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you’re not worried about their safety all day.

So there must be a remote way to track the mobile phone of your loved ones. Luckily many spy applications can help you track live location, social media activities, etc. You can have complete control over a phone remotely, and the mobile user won’t know. Before jumping to the tracking part, let’s learn why a person needs to track a phone in the first place.

Reasons for tracking someone’s Android phone

We all remember the good old time when kids didn’t have mobile phones, let alone the internet or social media applications. But time has changed, and we can’t visualize our life without smart devices. Because of it we can quickly contact our friends and get solutions to our problems instantly. Unfortunately, however, advanced technology has resulted in a higher internet crime rate.

For example, there is cyberbullying, online harassment, sexual predation, child pornography, and more. In short, the digital or online world isn’t a safe place for anyone. So, we have listed the top 3 reasons that make a person track another phone.

  • Monitoring kids:

Kids are the most vulnerable to internet threats, so parents want to monitor them until they can make wise decisions about themselves. They want to ensure their security by tracking them.

  • Monitoring employees:

It is hard to make employees focus on work when they have cell phones with them all day. Therefore, employers monitor their workers to ensure they’re working all day.

  • Tracking spouse:

Relationships are sensitive, and at this age, you can’t trust anyone. So, if you doubt your partner is cheating on you, then tracking their phones is the best choice to save yourself and confront them. People can access the target phone’s social media accounts and spy on messages, calls, etc.

Ways to track a mobile phone remotely:

No matter how advanced a device you want to track, you can use the following ways to spy on them.

Procedure 1: Track through the “Find my device” application

Indeed, the foremost thing for a person is his private data on their phone. There’s a good chance of losing a phone in a public place, or someone can steal it from you. So if you have a lost phone, then you can get “Find my device.”

You can search it on the play store and download it on your phone in advance. So that in case your phone gets stolen, you can use this app to track down the current location remotely. The problem is that you won’t be able to delete any personal information or monitor actual time activity through it.

Procedure 2:  Track through spying application

A mobile tracking app is the most popular and safest way to monitor a phone remotely. You can use the advanced features to monitor your target’s digital activities 24/7. You can track location, social media apps, and more using a single software.

Although multiple spying apps offer the same services, if you want to choose the best, follow the expert opinion. We have reviewed many tracking applications, and we found TheWiSpy mobile tracker app best among them. You can use this spyware to track every move on the target phone secretly.

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Learn to track through TheWiSpy

TheWiSpy is a simple spy app that you can use to spy remotely. First, however, you must follow the procedure explained below to track it quickly.

Subscribe to TheWiSpy plan:

TheWiSpy offers three affordable price plans that you can use to subscribe to the spying services. Before that, open the pricing page on the official website of TheWISPY app. Then, register yourself if you haven’t already got a subscription. After that, choose a plan and purchase the software. The service provider will send you a confirmation email with the URL and account details.

Install the spyware:

Copy the URL from the email you’ve received and open a web browser on the phone. Now paste it into the search bar and click on the downloading button on the page. In a few minutes, the application will be installed. Now, remember that you’ll have to get the mobile phone physically because remote installation isn’t an option.

Activate stealth mode:

Now, as you want to spy secretly, you can use the exceptional stealth mode offered by TheWiSpy. When you enable it, TWS will hide in the phone, such that the user won’t detect it visually.

The functionality of the best phone tracker app is also in stealth mode. That means that all the tracking activities will process in the background. Now leave the phone and monitor remotely through the dashboard.

Set up the dashboard:

You can log in to the dashboard on your mobile or laptop device through a browser. You will get the features or services according to the price plan you’ve subscribed to. The app has listed all the TheWiSpy tracking app features on the dashboard. You can make commands and fetch information on the dashboard through it.

Track through TheWiSpy features:

We are giving you a thorough idea about the tracking features and how you can use them.

  • Track calls and messages:

The app allows users to track calls and messages received and sent from the target phone. TheWiSpy mobile tracker app will give you remote access to all the data. You can read statements, delete or retrieve conversations, block contacts, and more.

  • Track GPS location:

The best phone tracking app offers quality GPS location tracking where you can get live updates. TWS will reach out to your kid or employee and send you real-time location and update through history.

  • Track social media apps:

Social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook can be tracked through TheWiSpy. It will provide real-time feed monitoring, read messages, monitor calls, access multimedia, and more. In addition, you can block an account remotely through TheWiSpy.

  • Surround recording:

TheWiSpy can record the surroundings of the mobile phone remotely through its microphone. Then, the user will command the app to start recording and terminate the action. After that, the audio file is uploaded to the online portal where you can hear it.

  • Camera spy:

Camera spy is a remote feature of the TheWiSpy mobile tracker app where you can click live photos. You can control the target’s camera from a distance and click pictures through background processing. You can view these pictures on the dashboard of TheWiSpy.

  • Multimedia tracking:

You can track phone and multimedia files through TheWiSpy. It gives you access to audio, video, images, and other files. In addition, you can view, delete, and backup these files remotely.


After this detailed article, we conclude our answer to “how to track Android smartphones?” You can get a stand spy app like TheWiSpy and track without any difficulty or interruption. It offers remote and secret tracking that will fulfill all your demands.

You can have complete control over your target’s phone without giving away any hint to the user. As a result, you can keep your kids safe, ensure your employees work well, and catch a deceiving partner with an excellent phone tracker.

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