How to Start Learning Web Development

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The question “who is a web developer” has many answers. To put it very succinctly, web developers are those who create and maintain websites. In a broader sense, a web developer is a specialist in the field of computer technologies, namely web programming. His vocation is to bring designers’ projects to life by creating a website that functions perfectly.

What is Web Development: Tasks and Stages

Web development is the process of programming web projects and applications. This is the design and layout of pages, work with the client and server part, and configuration of servers. Always here to help if you run into problems with the custom web application development company WeSoftYou.

Key stages of web development:

  • web resource programming, which includes gathering customer requirements, developing technical specifications, and interface design;
  • creation of a general project concept with creativity in mind;
  • analysis of the design concept and its implementation through the development of a layout, but this task can also be performed by a designer;
  • creation of multimedia and FLASH elements;
  • the layout of web pages;
  • work with software, which includes the development of functional elements or the integration of certain tools into an already existing content management system;
  • transfer of the project to the platform and optimization of text content;
  • checking the web resource using tests and adding adjustments if necessary;
  • launching a web project on the server;
  • maintenance of the project in general or its software component.

I Want to Become a Web Developer: First Steps

The first steps in learning web development are recommended to start with learning the basics of HTML. Knowing it, you will be able to work with user interfaces. The first results of writing the code will also be visible. It is impossible to master website development without knowing HTML.

The next step after learning the markup language is JS. JavaScript is a web development programming language used by all modern browsers. Almost any web project has code written in JS. Recently, the language has been gaining popularity on other platforms, including servers and devices.

Knowing HTML and JS, you can start learning CSS. Without it, it is impossible to customize the appearance of the pages. There are tons of solutions and tutorials for learning CSS. But to achieve real success, one theory is not enough. Practice is needed to consolidate knowledge. You can find various repositories for working with the code on the net.

Learning Web Development from Scratch

Anyone who has decided to learn programming is interested in knowing where to learn to become a web developer. There are two options – the independent study of web basics and training on courses. Studying the basics of a new profession on their own, only diligent and purposeful students can count on a serious result. But one way or another, a home study will not provide such a knowledge base as courses.

The main advantage of the courses is that training is built according to a certain algorithm. Before a student can become a web developer, he must first gain knowledge. Thanks to practical classes, certain skills are developed. By regularly doing homework, the student gains skills. The support of the teacher during the entire period of study is also of great importance. The student has the opportunity to ask questions about unclear material and receive comprehensive answers. It will be much more difficult to find them on your own. In addition, there is a risk of getting confused by a large amount of information.

Where Do Web Developers Usually Work?

A qualified specialist with good experience and knowledge can apply for a prestigious job in large companies and international corporations. But absolutely everyone needs web developers. Typically, you will be required to work around 40 hours per week (unless you are a freelancer). According to statistics, the average salary in 2021 for American software designers was$108,000.

The stability of the sites is sometimes not so easy to guess – you may have to work on weekends and outside of business hours.


It is worth remembering that the task of this specialist is directly related to the type of work he performs. But despite the various nuances, web developers are in high demand and can count on comfortable pay and a healthy work-life balance.

It so happened that in this field people learn to solve specific problems and get pleasure from creating something new.

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