How to Protect Online Privacy With a VPN?

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When using the internet, your computer sends and receives plenty of data across the network. This information often includes details such as websites you visit, IP addresses, downloaded files, etc. Anyone accessing this information can get to know a lot about your data.

Therefore, it is imperative to protect your online privacy using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Let’s get to know about how a VPN can protect you below.

How to Protect Online Privacy With a VPN?

A VPN ensures your online anonymity and privacy by encrypting the information computer usually sends or receives while using the internet. Above all, VPNs also hide your actual IP address and replace that with a masking address.

Using a VPN while browsing the internet makes it virtually impossible to track your location. By using a VPN service such as iTop VPN or Astrill VPN, you can easily obscure your actual location from advertisers.

For example, if you are in New York and using a VPN to use internet services. You can bypass your current location by connecting to the VPN server of a different location, e.g., London. Your ISP won’t report your local connection’s IP location in this situation. Instead, it will report bypassed location.

How to Protect Online Privacy With a VPN

VPN Offers Much More than Privacy

Even though the primary objective of a VPN is to bypass geo-restrictions and ensure privacy online. However, VPNs now come with some additional features to offer you more benefits. These generally include:

  • The ad-blocking function of a VPN can block all malicious pop-ups and ads that appear on the screen while browsing the internet.
  • Additionally, VPN can also make it securer to connect to private networks.
  • Using a high-quality VPN makes it virtually impossible for hackers, advertisers, and trackers to track you or your online activity.
  • VPN also provides access to a larger portion of geo-restricted or censored content that you can’t access otherwise.

When to Use a VPN

You can use a VPN in multiple situations. People commonly use a VPN service to:

  • Protect themselves from online advertising
  • Hide their online activities
  • Access geographically restricted content
  • Bypass internet censorship.
  • To ensure anonymity

It’s always important to choose the best VPN only to ensure privacy online.

Choose the Best VPN

When it’s about choosing the best VPN to protect your privacy online, plenty of available options can make things overwhelming. iTop VPN is certainly the best VPN you can consider to avoid confusion. It offers you secure online access to the internet with one click.

Why Should You Use iTop VPN?

Why Should You Use iTop VPN

The VPN uses military-grade encryption to ensure privacy and security online. Additionally, it will let you experience lightning-fast connection speed. Also, you can access the leading streaming services without compromising quality and speed.

Its core features include Ad blocking, unlimited bandwidth, split tunneling, a kill switch, and ensured browser privacy.

Above all, iTop VPN also offers a free account to enjoy all essential features without paying anything. You can read our iTop VPN review for more understanding.

Final Words

Using a VPN can help protect your online privacy and stay anonymous online. iTop VPN is arguably a good VPN to enjoy all the amazing benefits of using a virtual private network.

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