How to Make Money Freelancing The Ultimate Guide 2020

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Before I tell you about “How to Make Money Freelancing“. I am going to discuss what actually is freelancing.

What is Freelancing?

In freelancing, you actually perform different jobs, assignments, and contracts for a specific period of time for different companies and organizations. In return, you get paid for your work. This is what we called Freelancing. There are many freelance marketplaces on the internet where freelancers can earn a handsome amount of money by working according to their skills. A huge amount of freelancers are already earning by using these platforms.

On these freelancing websites, clients search for freelancers for their projects and tasks so that freelancers can complete their projects. Freelancers complete the work for them and receive their wages in return.

The rise of freelancing has resulted in the production of a new concept – the gig economy. In the gig economy, instead of working full time for a single employer and get paid for that, a person works for multiple clients by setting his own terms and price he thinks he deserves for his work. Now I’m going to tell you which things you need to follow to start your career as a freelancer and make money online.

Make Money Freelancing Tips

1. Select Your Niche

As a new freelancer, you may think that you will any job you can, complete it, and get a reward in return. But when you spend a lot of time as a freelancer and become an experienced freelancer. Then you will realize that you have to be more strategic about the types of jobs you can perform and the clients you take on. The following image shows the specific freelancers profiles:


The first and most important thing when you start freelancing is to realize that what are your skills and which types of work you can do perfectly. For example, as a web developer, virtual assistant, graphic designer, android developer, etc. There are so many different types of work that you can do on freelancing platforms. But if you don’t know which types of work you can perform on these freelance marketplaces and what are the requirements of clients. Don’t be worry!

Visit different freelancing websites, see what types of jobs clients are posting according to your skills and check out the profiles of different freelancers that are related to your work, which type of services they are delivering to the clients. After that, you completely realize how can you start your career as a freelancer.

2. Be Specific With Your Services

One big decision that you need to take when starting your career as a freelancer is what you can do very well and what can’t do perfectly.

Always be specific to your services. The more specific you are regarding your services, the better. Remember my friends, if you have got a job in which you are not good at and later you will not be able to complete the task for the client. Then, this will be a very bad thing for you and your profile. Because the client will give negative feedback or review and this will badly affect your profile.

Always take the projects in which are perfect and you think you can do those projects perfectly. The benefit of this is that you will find good clients who know that you are perfect in this specific work. More, you will also be able to build a good portfolio according to this that will highlight your past work and experience.

3. Identify Your Clients

Before you go to any freelancing platform and start looking for the clients. You must first decide who you are going to work best with. What clients do you get along with? Who will be happy with your work?

You need to find clients who require those services in which you are an expert. For example, if you are a graphics designer, can you only design logos or business cards? or you can also design websites or app interfaces? You need to decide which skills you have or which things you can design. Then, focus only on those clients that suit your skillset.

Keeping these in mind, you will be able to find the clients you can work best with.

4. Build a Quality Portfolio

The best way to showcase your skills is by building your own excellent portfolio site. If you are serious about your freelancing career then you need to create a website that:

  • Showcase your skillset
  • Demonstrate your experience
  • Highlights your past work
  • Include your contact information so that clients can easily contact you

It is important for every freelancer to have a portfolio. Because by portfolio, the client will come to know that this person has worked before and he has the experience.

The purpose of the portfolio is to educate and convince the potential clients that they will want to choose you for their required tasks.

5. Set Your Price

As a new freelancer, deciding how much to charge for your services is a major step. Make sure that you must charge enough to live a comfortable life. Many potential clients don’t hesitate to pay higher rates if anyone gives them an excellent first impression and deliver quality work to them.

If you are doing perfect and delivering on time and outstanding work to the clients. So there is no issue to keep your rates much higher. If clients are impressed by you and they know you are perfect for their tasks, they will definitely pay you higher.

6. Increase Your Skills

To increase your prices, you need to impress the clients in those skills that are in high demand and that have higher rates.

Instead of working for the clients, you need to create your projects first in those skills. By doing this, you will get the experience and secondly, you will be able to show those projects to clients that you have already done that work and you have the experience in that.

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Make Money Freelancing Summary

I have discussed some important make money freelancing tips that will definitely help someone to start their career as a freelancer. Freelancer is in high demand in the present time. Because you can earn a very handsome amount of money by just sitting at your home.


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