How to Make Money As A Kid Online: The Best Ways

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How to Make Money as a Kid?

There are so many ways for adults or kids in the answer of how to make money as a kid online just sitting at the home. Making some extra cash helps bear your own study and other expenses. More, you can fulfill your requirements without having to beg your parents for the money.

Now is the time of technology and the internet. Every kid has knowledge about the world of the internet and online working. So, there are a lot of opportunities for teenagers to start making money online without any investment. The only requirements are dedication, patience, and hard work.

As a kid, make money online is a great thing for anyone as it gives so many benefits in the future. Noone who is earning online will face any financial problems in his coming time.

Another great benefit of earn money online is that kids will become hard-working as making money online requires lots of effort. In the coming time, they will never be afraid to work hard. So, we are going to discuss some of the best ways for kids to start making money online.

Ways to Make Money as a Kid Online

1. Start Blogging

One of the best ways to earn money as a kid online is by starting a blog.

Start blogging how to make money as a kid

You can write articles about any topic which you love. For example, If you love cooking, you can start a food blog and write the methods of different recipes. If you love any sports such as cricket, football, etc. you can create a blog in which you will write about the sports news and facts.

Blogging is the way of sharing your knowledge, interest, and information with other people. You have to write detailed articles that other people can understand and enjoy. If you need to learn how to start blogging? I have already written a detailed article about that:

How to start blogging and make money online?

After writing articles on your blog, when a good amount of traffic is coming to your blog. You can make a handsome amount of income from your blog in the following ways:

  1. Using Google Adsense or other Ads Network:

    The first method is to apply for Google Adsense and display their ads on your blog. Every time when user come to your blog and click on an ad, you will get paid for every single click. If your blog has huge traffic on daily basis, you will earn a very huge income with just your blog.

  2. Affiliate Marketing:

    Along with displaying ads, you can also earn a very good amount of money by joining different affiliate programs. In affiliate marketing, you have to display products of other companies in your blog, when a user goes to the product page by clicking from your blog and make any purchase, you will receive a commission on every sale.

2. Start Freelancing

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the word freelancing. Freelancing is on the great rise as it’s the best option to make money from home.

There are many freelance marketplaces available on the web. In these platforms, clients search for their relevant freelancers who can complete their tasks, and freelancers search for their specific clients. There are large numbers of jobs available at these platforms but you only need to take those projects in which you are professional. So that after taking the project, you can perfectly complete the task for your client.

If you are a good graphic designer, you can deliver these services. Similarly, if you are a web or android developer, there are so many jobs for developers and their budgets are also so much higher than other types of jobs. If you are good at video editing and voiceover, you will get many jobs for that on these freelancing websites. Our complete about making money by freelancing is here:

How to make money freelancing?

Some popular freelance marketplaces are Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and Truelancer. You can also find jobs outside of these platforms such as from social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

3. Online Surveys

Completing different surveys is another best and easy way to earn extra cash by just sitting at your home.

There is a large number of websites that give you different surveys and other tasks to complete. After completing each survey or task, you will get a reward in the form of cash, gift cards, or points that you can redeem.

There are many different tasks for you to complete such as watch videos, answer questions, play games, watch ads, etc.

This is not the option that will make you a millionaire. But you can earn enough to fulfill your requirements by just working in the spare time of a day. Some of the survey sites are:

4. Create a Youtube Channel

If you love to come in front of a camera and can make videos, then Youtube is the best option for you.

Create a youtube channel

Create a youtube channel and start uploading videos on any topic. You can create a vlogging channel or a tutorial channel. If you love cooking, you can make videos of food recipes. Similarly, there are so many options available for you to start your career as a Youtuber.

You can share your knowledge and interests with others in the form of videos. But you don’t need to be a camera-shy for this. Many kids are already making a good income from youtube.

 5. Become Social Media Manager

You already use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on daily basis. But why not use these social signals to earn money.

In 2020, no business can survive without social media marketing as every business is doing its marketing online. The reason is that every kind of person is present on social media, especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So it’s easy for businesses to target their right audience and sell their products or services using these social platforms.

To manage these business accounts, these companies hire social media managers who handle their social media business accounts. So you can also become a social media manager and work with some companies by managing their social accounts.

6. Become a Streamer or eSports Player

gamer live streamer how to earn money as a kid online

If you love to play video games, you can become a streamer on Youtube or Twitch.

As gaming is one of the biggest and million-dollar industry. Big streamers with a lot of followers are earning millions of dollars by just playing games they love to play.

For that, you need a good gaming system so that every game will run smoothly. 

You can record the gameplays and upload them on Youtube or any other video sharing platform. On the other hand, you can do live streaming when playing games. You earn money by sponsoring any company’s products or services and by displaying ads on your stream.

The other option is that you can also become a professional gamer by sharpening your skills in any game. Then you can take participate in the tournaments of that game. The prize pool of gaming tournaments is very high. ESports is one of the biggest industries.


The world of the internet gives you so many opportunities to start making money online. 

Out of them, we have listed some best ways for you to choose any one of them which you like and then start working on right away. As a kid, if you earn online, you can enjoy your life as you are not dependent on your parents for money. You have your own money to do anything or to buy anything you want.


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