How to get 4 off-color sockets vorici game

How to get 4 off-color sockets vorici game (Beginners Guide)

Sockets play a very important role in “Path of Exile” & “vorici game” because they are considered to be the life in the gear. You won’t be able to unlock the skills without the off-color sockets, which you will need to survive Wraeclast, & more recently Oriath. In the game, you can use the skills by putting the skills into the sockets of equipment. To unlock the skills you need to use the chromatic orbs so, you need to make different calculations regarding using the sockets. It is difficult to determine the craft type and its cost. Simply, use the vorici calculator through which you can find the craft type, standard deviation, average cost, and chances of success for the chromatic orb.

What is a Chromatic Orb in the Game?

Achromatic orb is known as a currency item, which can be used to change the color of the sockets on the weapon and the piece of armor as well. For instance, if the color of the socket is green on the weapon but you are required to use the red color. Then, you can use the chromatic orb to change the color of the sockets to use the skill that you need. The best strategy would be to use the Poe vorici calc that displays the average attempts & cost per try in chromatics. In this way, you won’t miss any chance of changing the colors.

How to get the off-color sockets:

Usually, the chromatic orb is used in order to change the color of the socket.  The chance of turning the color of the socket will be high if the attribute requirement is high. The thing that you need to remember is carefully using the combinations to get the off-color sockets. For ease, you can give a try to an online vorici calculator that helps you to know the average attempts of using the chromatic orb along with the cost per try in chromatics.

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When to Use the Chromatic Orb:

Below we are going to mention the points that are required to use the chromatic orb.

  • Chromatic orbs are not so expensive, they are cheap at rates. You can use the orbs whether you want to increase the level of your game or want to get the off-color sockets to unlock the skills. Must check the socket craft cost before buying the particular color socket. It might be complicated, you have the chromatic calculator that checks the cost and attempts as well for each mission and craft.
  • Without any kind of issue, you can get any color of the socket, even you can also get the off-color sockets. But if you choose the off colors or different colors then, it will depend on the state of your requirements for the item. Suppose that the item you want to use requires 30 strength and 15 intelligence, then blue & red sockets are easy to get. While it is difficult to get the off-color sockets. However, it is not an issue anymore to get the off-colors by using the chromatic orb. At the time of purchasing the off-color sockets, simply use the vorici calculator that lets you know how many of the orbs are required for the off-color socket on an item.
  • You can also get help from different crafting recipes, which are available in the “Devel mine”.  You can estimate before purchasing the sockets to avoid the chance of changing color with the use of orbs. Consider the vorici calculator that provides you with several different crafts.


The topic of the discussion for this post is how to get the four off-color sockets in the voice game. Getting the off-color sockets is not rocket science, but if you have any confusion about how many orbs are required to change the color of the socket. Then, you can try the vorici calculator to know the estimate about the number of orbs.

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