How To Follow The NBA Across The World

How To Follow The NBA Across The World

The NBA is celebrating three-quarters of a century of thrills and spills. It tipped off with a potential sneak-peek at two conference semi-finals, last year’s Champions the Milwaukee Bucks met the Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors faced the LA Lakers. The NBA betting odds suggest that all four teams are amongst the favorites to reach the finals in 2022.

Another compact offseason due to the impact of COVID-19 on last season’s schedule has seen a quick turnaround. The league has done well to squeeze in the draft, free agency, and the preseason just three months after the culmination of the 2020-21 season where Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Bucks to a 4-2 series win over the Phoenix Suns.

One thing that the pandemic has not impacted, however, is the game’s popularity across the world. With more free time, Europeans are tuning in more than ever say, league officials. What has led to this surge in popularity, even more, is the growing number of talents in the league who reign from the continent. In fact, the MVP of the last three seasons have been European— with ‘The Greek Freak’ Antetokounmpo earning the award in back-to-back seasons and Serbian center Nikola Jokic taking the crown in 2021. The wave of European talent over the last few decades has had such an impact on the game that it has changed the style, scouting, and structure of the league.

However, it can be hard to keep up with the action as a European fan. Just like every sport in the US, its airing can be sparse in certain countries as soccer dominates sports programming. If you are hoping to tune in this season, here is a guide on just how you can do this.

First off, let’s take a look at the NBA schedule at a glance. Starting on October 19, each of the 30 teams in the league will play a minimum of 72 games. All of these games will be finished by April when 20 teams will have the opportunity to enter the playoffs based on their rankings in their respective conferences. Following a play-in tournament, the remaining 16 teams will enter the playoffs beginning on April 16, 2022. The winners of each conference will then enter into the NBA finals, scheduled to start on June 2.

One of the biggest issues European fans face when watching the NBA, and all sports in the US for that matter, is the time difference. A lot of evening games in the US will not start until around midnight for those in Europe and some from 3 am and later. Take this into account when you are deciding how best to watch to make sure you get the best value for your time and money.

NBA League Pass

Probably the best way to watch the NBA is through the league’s very own League Pass. Every league in the US offers its own subscription streaming service and the NBA is no different. Aside from showing every single game from the beginning of the season to the end, you can also access extra content such as interviews, pre and post-game analysis, and a huge database of live stats as the games are played.

One of the best things about the league pass is its tiered subscription plans. For £25/month or £180/year (€29.99/€199.99), you will be given access to every single game during the season. If you are more interested in following just the team you support, you can pay £100 for a team pass which gives you access to every game of anyone singular teams’ season.

Of course, as the NBA League Pass is an online streaming service, you will need a device that supports it and an internet connection. You can download the app straight to your smartphone or games console or alternatively head over to the website on your laptop or PC.


DAZN is one of the fastest-growing sports streaming services in the world. As well as offering live action from all over Europe’s top five soccer leagues, boxing and eSports they also offer coverage of all of the ‘Big Four’ US sports.

The pricing of their service varies from country to country (DAZN Germany costs €12/month or €120/year) so be sure to check out their pricing plans and weigh up what is best for you. Unlike the League Pass, they will only screen a handful of games across the season but every big game including the NBA Finals will be available on the service.

Sky Sports

For the best part of three decades, Sky Sports has been the go-to for sporting action across Europe. Their partnership with the NBA means they will be broadcasting basketball on their channels for at least another season and it would be no surprise to see this extended.

If you own a Sky+ or Sky Q box then not only are you able to watch the eSports games live but you can also record them to watch at your leisure. They also offer the Sky Go app where you can watch live on your phone, PC/laptop, or games console. Sky’s sports package starts at £23 and increases based on how many channels you would like.

Now TV

Now TV actually offers all of the same sports channels that Sky does. However, the difference is that there is no commitment to a long-term contract and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

In fact, you can even buy a day pass for £12.99 if you only wish to watch specific games. Their monthly sports package starts at £33.99 and if you look around you may be able to score yourself a free trial.

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