How to Find Someone Online If They have Moved

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People relocate for various reasons. Sometimes it’s necessary to get in touch with them. A parcel may have arrived at their old address, or another person is looking for them.

Even without knowing their new address, it is possible to locate them via the web. Online search options range from many to a few, depending on how much information is known.

However, you can find someone by their first name and city, even if that’s all the information you have.

Unless the person is deliberately trying not to be found, there should be some data about them available online. It may take some time, but piecing together a person’s full details shouldn’t be too difficult.

Here are some ways to find someone online if they’ve moved.

Online Searches

There are different tactics to apply based on how much information is available. From basic online searches to websites designed to provide results from limited data, give these a try:

People Search Sites

Excellent sites for locating people with limited information are people search sites. Most of the time, only four fields are required: first and last name, city, and state. If any of these aren’t known, type anything you like, and the search expands well beyond those four items.

For example, if the only information available is a first name and a city, the state will be known too. Let’s say the person’s name is Astrid, and they’re believed to live in Fort Worth, Texas. Enter those and a dummy surname.

The site will begin searching right across the US. There could be popups prompting for further information; if known. Answer them as required; the more data, the higher the success rate.

The results will show all the Astrids registered in Texas and surrounding states, and seeing the full name displayed may trigger the memory of their surname.

Reverse Phone Search

It’s common for landline owners to transfer that number to a new property if it falls in the same locale.

If the phone number of the old property is known, enter it into a reverse phone search site, and it may bring up the details of the new address.

The same applies to mobile phone numbers. The person may re-register it at their new address.

Google or Other Search Engines

It’s surprising how much information can be found about someone from a simple Google search. This kind of search works better if more details are known.

Using the example from above, ‘Astrid, professional squash player in Texas with two eyebrow piercings.’ This search could result in news stories, sports associations, or other links, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to get more information from those to find her current location.

Public Records

There are several ways to find someone online via public records based on how much information is known. Public record searches are more successful when the person’s surname is available.

  • County tax assessor: Property owners can be located via the various county tax assessor’s websites. Finding a person’s new address is possible even with only a location and a name.
  • Voter registration: Some states provide lists of registered voters, including their current addresses. There may be a fee involved to get access to more detailed information.
  • Veterans records: If the person was ever in the military, the US National Archives might have up-to-date details on them.

Find Someone Once They’ve Moved

Finding a person’s new address once they’ve moved is possible with the various online search sites and apps available.

Choosing which one(s) to use depends on how much information is available to the person.

Armed with a load of data, a Google search could be the most straightforward way.

Even if all that’s known is a first name and a city, there are people who search sites that are up to the task. Prompts during the application’s search process may trigger more facts to be revealed.

Public records are also an excellent way to locate somebody, although some may charge a fee for the privilege.

Don’t give up! The internet has a wealth of information on most people, and unless they specifically don’t want to be found, success is likely.

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