How to Check If a Website is Safe and Secure

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Websites, like computers, are vulnerable to viruses and malware that can damage files, compromise privacy, and spread to other computers without your knowledge. This is true even if their files are stored on remote servers rather than your local computer. Regularly checking and testing the websites’ safety and security levels is critical to preventing hacker attacks that exploit potential security flaws to provide safe online casino games. Let’s check the latest technologies that power safe and secure online casinos for Australian players.

Strong Technical Security

SSL is a technology that enables an encrypted connection between the Web server and the browser. The encrypted connection ensures that the data exchanged between the server and the browser remains secret. SSL is used to exchange e-mails, files, and information over the Internet securely. Data and a hypertext transfer protocol secure can only be read by those it is intended for, keeping the secure online casinos safe from hackers and cybercriminals.

Although SSL’s primary function is to protect online payment methods’ information, it is also suitable for SEO (Search engine optimization). User security is the main priority of the most popular search engine in the world, which is why Google uses HTTPS encryption for all its services. Moreover, you can check secure casino brands at AussieBestCasinos and get to know that encryption is implemented on every single gambling platform. They want users to stay safe on the sites they access. Therefore, to encourage the use of the SSL protocol, Google favors (positions better) sites with HTTPS on all their pages, and we know that a better ranking means more traffic to the site. This is why SSL has become part of Google’s search ranking algorithm.

Signs that Show that the Company is Real

Not all information about legal entities and entrepreneurs is openly available. That’s why we have selected all publicly accessible sources from which you can check many details you can trust when finding reputable online casino platforms in Australia.

First, you should check if the casino has a license, which proves it’s regulated to promote safe gambling and offer real money games to Aussies. Then, we suggest you dig deeper and find the operating company’s general information. Resources will provide the business name of a safe online casino, its registered office address, share capital, main activity code, date of establishment, etc. Records can also show members and founders of the registration subject, bank account numbers, and more.

The final step is to download any available financial statements as a reliable source of information about the financial position and success of the company to external users. By connecting the appropriate information in financial reports, the company’s yield power, and the company’s exposure to long-term and short-term financial risks, you can relate to their asset and resource management efficiency.

Site’s Domain Age

What does the age of the domain, that is, the site, indicate to the one who rates sites about that site? It is not difficult to answer. The fact that it survives and exists for a long time indicates seriousness, duration, and some level of quality because surviving today is not easy.

So, in a situation where it needs to rate two domains, which means two sites of similar design quality, Google takes the age of the domain as one of the criteria functions. Not primary, not decisive, but essential because the age of the domain indicates seriousness and trust in the domain.

You can quickly check the site’s domain if you have doubts about a particular site. Namely, through, you can check the data related to it by simply entering the internet address you suspect (where the domain was purchased, who the provider is, to whom the page is registered, country of origin, etc.).

The information you find on this site will sufficiently indicate whether it is a legitimate site or a scam. Namely, if the online casino is licensed by a shady regulatory body, especially a distant and unknown one, or has no license, it would not be wise to engage in trade.

Company’s Socials and Reviews

Seemingly legitimate social media sources such as Facebook groups offering supposed bonuses and promotions for different gaming sites, overlong posts by experts on Twitter, and cleverly designed websites can easily be misleading. In times of crisis, separating lies from accurate information is difficult, but it is not impossible.

Among the first steps in discovery is by clicking on the “about” section on the Facebook profile, page, or group. You will get information about whether the group changed its name, when it was founded, online reviews, and if a casino employee manages the site. Suppose the group changes its name in the relatively recent future.

In that case, it is undoubtedly a fraud, which signifies that the group is attracting an audience rather than promoting safe online casinos.

Trustworthy Customer Service

When planning your stay at an Australian trustworthy casino, we always suggest that the operating company put enough effort into providing quality and reliable customer service to deal with all your outstanding issues. A safe website should at least offer the following:

  • live chat is available 24/7,
  • access through any personal computer or mobile phone,
  • multilingual support team where English is among the default languages for Australians,
  • presence of other forms of communication – email, query form, FAQ, social media, and more.

Obvious Signs that the Site is Fake

Scams through fake online gambling websites are the most widespread and successful form of online financial crime. Frequently, there are websites created in distant countries where all the information is written in a foreign language instead of one of the world’s foremost and most commonly used tongues. The bait on the mentioned sites is online pokies combined with bonuses, promotions, or specific discounts. They may want Australian players to download any software instead of the official casino app.

For example, safe casinos have been on the Internet longer than rogue brands and have achieved sustainable, safe and trustworthy business. Perhaps a bit harsh towards new domains, but as in life, it is not enough that they have become of age. You have yet to prove and fight for your place under the sun and among other sites on the Internet

Bottom line

Checking the site’s security must be done regularly to keep your activity safe and secure from possible attacks. In this article, our experts tried to give important tips on how to recognize a trustworthy website, and how to discern a scam. This will allow you to enjoy the best gambling websites and prevent any security holes before they do any damage.

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