How to Build an Exit-Intent Popups Campaign That Works

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They have been observed before. Visitors are sent notifications known as exit-intent popups as they attempt to leave a website. Their objective? convincing people to remain. If you own a business, you are aware that one of the most crucial duties is to identify new, more efficient strategies to increase conversion rates. Exit-intent pop-ups might not initially occur to you as the ideal option, but they just might be. How should you use them in your advance and why is that the case? Keep reading to learn more.

What are Exit-Intent Popups?

Pop-up windows come in a variety of styles, each with advantages of its own, but the following are the most common:

  • Click pop-ups;
  • Scroll pop-ups;
  • Timed pop-ups;
  • Entry pop-ups;
  • Exit-intent pop-ups.

As the name implies, exit-intent pop-ups are windows that show up when a visitor wishes to leave the website. The exit pop-up window comes just before the visitor clicks the button to close the browser tab or window. It makes an alluring offer that seizes the attention of the visitor and compels them to act. These pop-ups work using intelligent exit-intent technology, which detects exit intent and initiates a pop-up.

Why is Exit-Intent Popup Important?

They’re crucial since you can use them to keep potential customers from slipping away. People may modify their opinions and truly accomplish the target you set by displaying some worthwhile offers.

You can attempt to persuade individuals to accept that offer, regardless of whether it relates to some intriguing information they can learn about through your email campaign or a discount for a quick purchase. Of course, there are some measures you must take, such as:

  • Aesthetically pleasing design;
  • Enticing writing;
  • Strategically placed offer;
  • Adding a call-to-action (CTA) button.

This may seem like a lot to consider, but we’ll give you a few pointers on best practices that you should keep in mind for both your website and your overall business.

Best Practices of Exit-intent Pop-ups

To understand exit-intent pop-up practices better, we will visualize them using appropriate examples from different successful websites.

Example 1: Offer Valuable Content

Exam #1 Offer Valuabe Content

We will use appropriate examples from various popular websites to help us picture exit-intent pop-up practices to better comprehend them. These could be:

  • Sheets
  • E-books
  • Guides
  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • Calendars
  • Templates

After you have thoroughly investigated the interests of the people you want to convert into customers for your product or service, it will be much simpler for you to come up with an attractive offer. They would happily provide their email address in return. You may build brand recognition and contact potential clients after gathering contacts and adding them to your mailing list.

Example 2: Offer a Live Demo

A demo is a fantastic method to interact with your audience. Perhaps the visitor wants to leave your website because your platform appears to be too complicated.

If you provide a certain service, you will find it much easier to describe how to use it, what the advantages are, and similar things. Because everything occurs in real-time and prospective customers can see all the updates and news, a live demo is an even better choice.

Check out how Zendesk applied this in their pop-up window for exit intent:

Zendesk Exit Pop-up

You may also place your pop-ups on the pages that are under construction and begin constructing your sales funnel there.

Example 3: Mention Free Shipping

For someone who wants to buy from you, “free delivery” seems like a magic word.

You should be aware that individuals dislike paying for any extra expenses. Even paying more for anything would be preferred over paying more for shipping.

If you are unable to lower delivery charges, it is preferable to include them in a base price rather than list them individually in your store. However, if you can provide free shipping to your customers, you should do so without a doubt. In a very short period, your sales will start to rise.

Here is a Brooklinen illustration:

Brooklinen illustration Pop-up

Example 4: Call People to Subscribe to a Newsletter

A newsletter can be considered valuable content if you create one that allows readers to learn about relevant information without feeling pressured to make a purchase. It enables you to maintain contact with your clients.

Running newsletter campaigns requires consistency so that your subscribers will know when to anticipate new content from you.

This is how GQ put it into practice on their pop-up window:

GQ Signup Form

Example 5: Offer a Discount

Discounts are almost always motivating. Their addition to exit-intent pop-ups can significantly increase your revenue.

The amount of the discount is entirely up to you. Even modest incentives have a big impact on sales growth.

Because it proved to be a very effective strategy, certain stores often provide discounts.

Even the most well-known e-commerce companies use exit intent discounts to draw customers in. The offer is a 15% discount if you join up for their email marketing, as shown in the following example from a website where you can buy dresses online.

eCommerce Store Discount Pop-up


As you can see, there are numerous suggestions on how to make the most of exit-intent pop-ups and win your customers over. You can experiment with the layout, the copy, and the offers to catch visitors’ attention and boost conversion rates. In comparison to what this kind of pop-up can accomplish for your business, it is unquestionably a modest effort. When building pop-ups, follow these guidelines and observe which one converts the best for you.

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