How The Wild West Lives On In Online Slots Mobile Games And More

How The Wild West Lives On In Online Slots, Mobile Games And More

The gaming industry has become an incredibly vast market across the past couple of decades. Players have the chance to tackle titles on a range of systems and there are so many different experiences available. Games can transport us into countless situations and environments, from fantastical futuristic scenes to specific historical periods.

With this in mind, it is perhaps unsurprising that some titles have been based on the world of the Wild West. Cowboys and imagery associated with them have been a big part of entertainment for a number of years, across books, movies, and more. However, they have managed to play a big role in modern gaming too.

Online Slots Impact

In fact, they have even popped up in some forms of gaming that you might not have expected. Slots are a real mainstay of the online casino world and they can often be based on a wide range of themes. The Paddy Power online slots selection highlights this, while it also demonstrates that plenty is based on western imagery.

The website showcases titles including Cowboys Gold and Wild West Wilds, while there is also Wild West Gold. The latter was created by notable developers Pragmatic Play and it includes a range of imagery based on the theme, including cowboys, cowgirls, coins, and guns.

However, there is more to the Wild West’s gaming dominance than just its presence in the online slots world. The concept is also thriving in mobile gaming, with a notable new release putting the genre in the spotlight.

Award-winning Adventure

Last month, publisher HandyGames confirmed that El Hijo – A Wild West Tale has been launched on mobile. A press release on Games Press outlines how the game is available on iOS and Android and revolves around a young hero searching for his mother. The title is described as a “spaghetti-western stealth game”, as the hero has to sneak past a range of outlaws. It has also won several awards in the past few years.

Of course, the use of the western theme in slots and on mobile builds on trends seen elsewhere in the gaming industry. After all, a discussion about games inspired by cowboys would not be complete without a reference to the Red Dead Redemption series, which has proven incredibly popular with many gamers in recent times.

Earlier this month, GameRant revealed that Red Dead Redemption 2 has reached the milestone figure of 43 million copies sold. Take-Two Interactive shared the news, while it added that the series has now sold more than 65 million units worldwide.

Still Going Strong

Modern gaming turns to all kinds of genres and concepts for inspiration these days, but it is undeniable that the Wild West theme is still going strong. It is having an impact across a range of areas, thanks to titles like Red Dead Redemption and online slots. In addition, El Hijo is an intriguing new addition to the mobile gaming mix.

Gaming can be pure escapism and it has the ability to take us anywhere. As such, it makes sense that some people might want to explore the lives of outlaws and experience cowboy adventures. A lot of trends have emerged in gaming, but few would bet against our fascination with the Wild West continuing for some time to come.

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