How Much Does It Cost to Create a Healthcare App in 2022

[ez-toc]The Healthcare industry is rising and becoming one of the great sources of economic growth globally. The technological acceptance has led to a 25% increase in healthcare app downloads.

Business owners are inclining more toward healthcare app development and making unique ways to reap huge profits. However, the first question that comes to most entrepreneurs while hiring a healthcare app development company is the overall app development cost.

One should know that there is no fixed price for the healthcare app development as it depends on several factors, like the platform you choose, how unique design you want for your app and more.

This blog discusses the different factors that can affect the healthcare app development cost.

Why Should You Build a Healthcare App for Your Business?

Healthcare apps are becoming more advanced ever since technology took new turns. High-performing healthcare apps benefit both doctors and patients by making all the facilities available in their place.

For instance, healthcare apps help patients by connecting them with top-rated doctors, helping them find the relevant clinics, checking out medical facilities, and more. Whereas, doctors can reach out to patients globally, offer recommendations or prescriptions, etc.

Most importantly, the healthcare app development leads to hassle-free communication with patients, can create healthcare awareness among a common group, and more.

In other words, the healthcare app development is an excellent evolution in the medical industry.

Factors that Affect the Healthcare App Development Cost

The healthcare app development cost is not definite. It varies from different factors, like types of app platform, integration of basic & advanced app features, etc.

Let’s have a look at each factor one by one, and get an idea of the estimated healthcare app development cost.

Suitable App Development Platform

The first factor that can affect the healthcare app development cost is the platform you pick as per your business requirements.

For suppose, if you have picked an Android or iOS platform, the healthcare app development might cost you more than $50k. Whereas, the cross-platform healthcare app development costs above $75k.

Integration of Healthcare App Features

Another crucial factor that can change your healthcare app development cost is the integration of numerous healthcare app features. The cost of incorporating basic Instagram notifications is less expensive compared to the advanced features; however, spending a hefty amount of money will be worth the investment.

The cost of healthcare app development with basic features for both iOS and Android remains the same, and that is more than $5k, whereas, for the advanced features, you can expect the cost to touch around $10k plus.

UI/UX Design of Healthcare App

Designing a healthcare app is another important thing to do because it has a direct impact on the user experience. In other words, the way your app looks has a crucial role to play in deciding the app’s success. It is said that the first impression is the last, and the same thing applies to healthcare apps also.

First things first, an aesthetically-pleasing app design attracts users. Another reason of a responsive UI/UX of a healthcare app can strengthen your brand image. The average healthcare app design cost is more than $20k.

Healthcare App Testing Cost

Suppose you have developed a high-performing healthcare app, but have not conducted proper app testing, chances are higher that your targeted audience will no longer use your app. Thus, it is imperative to make your app secure, and that is why app testing is crucial.

You can consider hiring a reliable healthcare app development company that provides robust app testing and ensures excellent app security. The healthcare app testing ensures that the app has no glitches or is error-free. The estimated cost of testing a healthcare app can cost you more than $10k.

Post-App Launch Maintenance & Support

If you want to hook your potential users to your healthcare mobile app for a longer time, it is advisable to offer timely post-app launch maintenance & support services. With timely healthcare app maintenance, you can provide your users with a smooth user experience, which leads to better business potential.

Apart from it, the post-app launch maintenance & support services help in keeping your brand ahead of the market and give you a competitive edge. If we talk about the maintenance & support cost of the healthcare app, it might reach more than $10k, and it will be worth the investment.


The Healthcare app industry is booming, and it could be a great way to earn profit. You can take your business to another level by investing in a reliable healthcare app development company. Also, remember that the cost might vary based on the features, design, or platform you select.

In a nutshell, if you truly want to elevate your business growth and brand name, creating a high-performing healthcare app with essential features is the right thing to do.

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