6 Essentials You Need for Your Game Day Tailgate Party at Home

With the NFL season just around the corner, it’s time to plan all those tailgate parties which are a time-honored tradition. A game day tailgate party is a great way to watch these matches together without risking close social interaction, making them perfect for the current Covid-affected situation. Of course, you can watch the game at home on your couch via your Cox Cable service. However, why not share the experience with your friends and family?

Important Things To Host A Game Day Tailgate Party

After all, with last year being a wash when it comes to such events, you should make up for a lost time, without being too rash either. So, you should host a game day tailgate at home. Whether you’ll be arranging all the items yourself or have a BYOB policy, there are a few things you must make sure are there. Here are a few essentials or tailgate party ideas you must have on your tailgate checklist.

#1- TV Screen & Sound System

This goes without saying. How else would you be able to screen the match? A projector is a great and inexpensive way to make sure everyone can see the game. If you have a smaller guest list, you can even bring your huge TV outside for the screening.

However, you must make sure you have a proper sound system, which will allow everyone to hear the game clearly and properly. If need be, borrow or rent one so that your guests can get the full surround sound experience and praise your hosting capabilities.

#2- Extra Seating & Tables

Of course, folding chairs are essential for a good tailgate party. No one can stand around for that long, or eat comfortably. So, encourage guests to bring their own chairs from home, and also arrange a few extra ones, just in case.

This will create a comfortable seating arrangement for everyone, and also let you arrange food and drinks outside easily. To add to the comfort, also gather a few cushions and throws, and create a truly relaxing environment for everyone.

#3- Décor

What’s a game day tailgate party without some décor? A few simple banners and balloons can really liven up the place and create a festive atmosphere. You can even find free printable online and get them printed inexpensively to arrange around the venue.

This décor can incorporate the team colors you support, and can also be recycled for later. Try to make sure you don’t go overboard and add fire hazards around the house. Instead, choose safe décor options which brighten up the event.

#4- Food & Drinks

This is another necessity that you really can’t do without. Whether you’re having a barbecue out on your grill, or are having a neighborhood potluck, make sure you organize the right quantities and variety of food. If you’re having a potluck, have a common file where everyone can coordinate and see who’s bringing what to avoid overlaps.

A tailgate is no fun without a few beers, so make sure you arrange a few coolers as well. Whether your guests bring their own beers or you arrange a few cases, make sure there is a way to keep them cool. Also, make sure you provide a bottle opener as well so that everyone can open their drinks easily.

#5- Sports Merchandise

This is something purely for your own enjoyment. Bring out that memorabilia and merch you have lying around and represent your team at the tailgate party. Whether you have a sports jersey, a foam finger, or team pennants, bring them out and show off your allegiance.

Encourage your guests to do the same to truly make things festive. If there are guests from the opposing team as well, this will just make things more interesting!

#6- Garbage Bags

You do not want to abandon your civic sense when you’re at your tailgate. Make sure you have garbage bags available for everyone so that they can dispose of their trash appropriately. Do not let anyone litter the place, and keep the venue as neat as possible. Encourage people to clean up as they go, so that your tailgate party does not leave behind any negative impact.

Game Day Tailgate Party: Conclusion

In conclusion, your game day tailgate can be as eventful and fun as an actual game, if you arrange it properly. Make sure you have all the above-mentioned elements; among a few extras you want to include.

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