What is Freelance Marketing? The Complete Guide 2020

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Many people around the world are taking freelancing as a priority work. Freelance marketing is a great way of making extra money, enhance your skills, or put your skills to work and build good relationships with other people.

The good thing is that companies are also desperately searching for freelance marketers these days. The reason is many businesses are doing most of their marketing online. Every business or brand is going online with time.

The following are some of the interesting facts regarding freelance marketing:

  1. 9 out of 10 companies are using social media for marketing purposes.
  2. The dependency of businesses on SEO and content creation continues to increase every year.
  3. About 90% of the marketing teams are relying on email marketing for the leads generation.

When the demand is so high, someone is needed to meet these requirements. But first, you need to know actually what is freelance marketing?

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What is Freelance Marketing?

In freelance marketing, an individual works as a marketing professional or freelance marketer for one or more companies. Freelance marketer helps other companies or businesses to increase the popularity of their brands by doing online marketing.

The following things are included in the job of freelance marketer:

  • Getting people’s attention
  • Attracting potential people to website or business
  • Convince those people to buy the products of these companies

Every business especially new ones needs some kind of marketing. That’s where freelance marketers come into action.

Freelance Marketing Tips

1. Find Your Niche

Freelance marketing involves a lot of different roles. But it depends on your skills and interest in how you want to work.

The following are some roles that one performs as a freelance marketer:

  1. Copywriting: Copywriting is the process of writing for advertising promotional products. As a copywriter, you write for marketing products or services on the brochures, billboards, emails, websites, emails, advertisements, and more. Copywriting includes the text that actually forces the users to take action. That’s the actual job of copywriters to write such kind of text.
  2. Content Writing: It is the process of editing, writing, and planing web content for digital marketing purposes. When you write for blog posts, articles, white papers, scripts for videos, and podcasts, that is what called content writing. Content writers write the content to give complete information about something rather than to force the users to take some action. They need to write detailed content.
  3. Social Media Management: Social media management is the process of making the presence of a business or doing online marketing on different social media platforms. In this, a marketer promotes the brand and its content on social media. This is also called social media marketing.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): In SEO, a marketer has to do those types of things and make strategies so that the companies’ websites come in the search results of search engines especially Google. If you want to get a good amount of traffic from Google on the website then SEO is the most important thing. Without this, the website will not rank and will not get any traffic.

Social Media Management or Social Media Marketing

2. Find Clients

If you are a beginner, then finding clients at this time seems very difficult.

Remember one thing, always start with simple. Try to find those small businesses and clients that are ready to work with beginner freelance marketer.

The best thing is that there are many websites present on the internet where freelance marketers are searched. Some of them are Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Guru.

3. Set Your Rates Flexible

The biggest problem of beginner freelancers is that they are confused about their rates. They don’t understand how much rates they should set.

However, there are no specific rules for how much you should charge as a beginner. But one thing you should know about your rates is to keep your rates much lower at the beginning. But you must charge enough so you get the reward for your hard work.

4. Get the Referrals

Referrals are those clients that you get with the help of your existing clients and these are the big assets for any freelancer.

The following are some reasons to get referrals:

  • You can increase your prices after getting referrals. The client who is referring you, he is automatically providing value to your work by drawing attention towards you.
  • You can get potential clients through this. When you are charging high, good and potential clients who can pay high prices, will automatically be attracted to you.
  • Even by just getting one referral, you can double your price or can increase even more than that. This will be a big win for you.

Getting referrals is not so much difficult. After delivering work to the client, if you message the client in a very good way, “I enjoyed working with you. If you know anyone else who is in searching for a freelancer for my services. Please give my contact info to him.”

5. Treat Yourself as a Business

Remember, as a freelance marketer you are your own business. So, treat yourself like a business. You have to manage and deal with all business activities yourself.

If you want to become a successful freelance marketer, then the change of mind is very important. Set your work-life balance. Because it is very important to keep a balance between work and life. Maintain your skills and always enjoy your work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelance Marketing


  • You have no boss but you are your own boss.
  • You have to decide when to work when to take rest.
  • You can work from anywhere around the world by using an internet connection and a laptop or computer.
  • You get a different type of project every time so you never get bored by just doing the same work as in the office.
  • You can earn as much as you want by doing work according to this.


  • There is too much competition in freelance markets as a large number of freelancers are already present on these platforms.
  • Inconsistency in work and upcoming cash.
  • Hustling every time in order to get new projects.
  • You need good communication skills to chat with clients and need to answer several clients at a time instead of a single boss.
  • You have no fixed income, the more you work, the more you earn.
  • You don’t get any sponsors.


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