You Can Copy And Paste Data Between Android And Windows

Finally, You Can Copy And Paste Data Between Android And Windows

Windows 10 and Android users may now copy and paste data using Microsoft’s Swiftkey keyboard tool.

As a result of the Cloud Clipboard upgrade, Swiftkey users on Android smartphones can now copy and paste text they’ve written on their devices into their Windows PCs.

In August 2021, Microsoft released a beta version of Swiftkey that included the function, and now, MSPowerUser reports, the tool is available to all users.

It’s Android to Windows, and then back again

One of the support pages of Swiftkey highlighted that those days are gone when you send yourself contact numbers and any other information files on your emails.

The Cloud Clipboard feature of Swiftkey is now available to synchronize data across Windows and Android’s Swift keyboard.

Only the most recent copy of a clip will be stored in your Cloud Clipboard for one hour, according to Microsoft. However, it’s possible for you to switch it off and change it with the last clip copied from another device.

If you want to use the tool, you should have a computer with Windows 10 installed on it, a Hotmail or Outlook account. The company has also made it clear that users will never be allowed to utilize a Microsoft business email.

The new feature must be configured in Settings > Rich input > Clipboard after you have installed Swiftkey (you can download it from the Google Play Store). “Sync clipboard history” must be enabled in this case.

In order to use the clipboard, you’ll first need to sign in with your Microsoft account on Windows 10, and then you’ll have to go to Settings > System > Clipboard. You can turn on both the “Clipboard history” and “Sync between devices” options from there.

Despite the fact that SwiftKey is compatible with ios, cloud clipboard functionality has still not been implemented. Additionally, SwiftKey users are not able to transfer data from their Mac or Linux computers to their PCs using the app.

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