FastestVPN Review: Is this Actually the Quickest VPN?

Cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl to find any vulnerability to crack and break sensitive information. There is no surety of user data in the sea full of internet sharks where they can locate it for devastating means. A VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to create a secure connection with your internet traffic and another device on the internet. VPNs can do many tasks, including bypassing regional censorship, providing internet anonymity, and routing users’ internet traffic via encrypted tunnels to maintain a security shield from the prying eyes of the ISPs and several government agencies.

Today’s fast-pacing digital technology carries numerous internet vulnerabilities that one cannot get rid of without using a robust VPN like FastestVPN. Serving the market for the last four years, FastestVPN has not only become the first choice of technophiles but everyone who has an insight into using a premium VPN. With its decent number of connectivity servers and popular security protocols, there are satisfied users of FastestVPN around the globe– that I have talked to before making up my brain to get a subscription.

With further ado, let’s have insight into the reliable privacy features and its fleet of global servers with unlimited internet browsing, making FastestVPN stand out in the market.

What’s Unique About FastestVPN?

FastestVPN has all this popularity among VPN users since it has impressive security protocols that guards your data and save your privacy from surveillance capitalism. Furthermore, with its strong privacy features, FastestVPN can secure the internet traffic routing through a public WiFi to obscure user data.

Let’s move forward, and get you introduced to every feature that turned out excellent regarding compatibility and functionality when I tested it on my multiple devices.

What Best Features Does FastestVPN Have?

FastestVPN’s trustworthy features have cleared my mind that there are still premium VPNs in the market, which was my biggest concern before.

Previously, I have tried and used many VPNs, and I found myself not settling down with them at the end of the day. Not about FastestVPN! Since it offers its users excellent features that take care of data privacy and security.

These are those worth having privacy features that VPN users must know about to choose the best VPN for themselves.

AES 256-Bit Encryption

With its trusted AES 256-bit encryption, FastestVPN protects user information. It transforms the user data into ciphertext that any cybercriminals cannot decode. High-level encryption is trusted and recommended by security professionals worldwide. A VPN that encodes messages to a strong security wrap of 256-bit encryption is a VPN everyone desires to have.

Internet Kill Switch

In the unfortunate event of sudden connectivity loss, the internet kill-switch blocks all the ongoing internet activity until you reconnect. The built-in feature is specially designed to protect users from data theft.

Anti Malware

In today’s virtual world, cybercriminals have access to lethal software that can destroy a device and harm user data. Malicious attacks can access your system in different ways that users only detect when the system is destroyed. FastestVPN’s built-in anti-malware feature is the life safer that blocks malicious domains before they load on your browser.

NAT Firewall

A Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall adds an extra security layer to secure user information and blocks the unsolicited internet traffic from entering the system. In this way, it only permits the private devices to continue the activity within the public domain.

Multiple Protocols

Having more security protocols that shield the system with reliability is an unmissable feature. With its multiple protocols, FastestVPN surrounds the systems with more security than ever. Counted in the best VPN protocols, FastestVPN has IPSec, IKEv2, L2TP, OpenConnect, and others.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Jam-packed with every insightful feature, FastestVPN provides users with unlimited bandwidth on every device. There is no limit on your uploading and downloading activities, so you can enjoy absolute freedom.

Subscription & Pricing

Having all these internet security protocols with reasonable pricing is astonishing, but wait for more. Here are the drool-worthy packages that are some of the best in the market.

  • $10 per month (1-Month Plan)
  • $29.95 annually (1 Year plan)
  • $39.95 triennially (3 Year Plan)

Moreover, FastestVPN is offering an incredible bonus in which they are providing private cloud storage and a password manager free of cost when you purchase a subscription.

Unrestricted Streaming

What’s better than buffer-free streaming that makes the best streaming experience? With its fast servers, FastestVPN provides exceptionally reliable speed that never disconnects. One can stream their favorite media applications connecting to FastestVPN’s USA server to consume more of the enticing media content that wasn’t possible without a strong VPN since applications like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+ are geographically blocked outside USA lands.

Global VPN Servers

Lately, FastestVPN is operating in 50+ countries and 62+ locations with 600+ servers. With premium quality and choice between country servers, media geeks can unblock and stream any content from their favorite region.

Over and above that, with the premium feature, FastestVPN’s fastest servers are best to enjoy torrenting with unlimited bandwidth.

Payment Methods

As for payment methods, FastestVPN comes with the most convenient ones. FastestVPN takes care of the people who don’t want to share their online banking details, and to keep them stay anonymous– it has options like payment through cryptocurrency. Here are three payment methods that you can choose from:

  • Pay With Credit Card
  • Pay With PayPal
  • Pay With Cryptocurrency

FastestVPN Review: Final Verdict

And that’s a wrap! Reading my insightful user experience with FastestVPN has likely impressed you with FastestVPN’s offerings. Let me excite you more with the incredible part where I compared FastestVPN’s download speed with one major VPN service and the results favored FastestVPN. For me, internet speed with reliable privacy is the first priority and I am glad to see that in FastestVPN.

Furthermore, to check the connectivity of the server, I have checked all of the USA servers and had a great streaming time with all of my desired USA Netflix content with minimal buffering and high definition streaming.

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