Event Blogging: The Definitive Guide to Make Money Online

Event Blogging: The Definitive Guide to Make Money Online
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Event Blogging: The Definitive Guide to Make Money Online

Event blogging is on the rise nowadays. It is one of the most popular things and many bloggers are doing event blogging. The reason to do event blogging is that you can make a very huge amount of money in a very short time during an event occurs. Through event blogging, you can earn as much money in 3-4 days as you can in 2-3 months or even in a year from your blog.

This is a great source to earn more money in less time. That’s why many people are doing this and getting benefits from it. So in this article, I’m going to give you the complete information about event blogging, what it is, and how to start it to make money online?

What is Event Blogging?

Event blogging means micro-niche or event-based niche blogging. In it, bloggers write about a specific topic or event. For event blogs, you have to focus on the upcoming events and special days such as Christmas, New Year, or any other religious events. The purpose of event blogging to get a lot of traffic by writing articles about the events during the occurrence of these events.

Event Blogging: The Definitive Guide to Make Money Online

It’s not long-term blogging, you only have to work for a maximum of one month for an upcoming event until it ends.

What actually is that whenever an event occurs or going to occur, the bloggers create their blogs on event topics. They start writing content about that event. When the event starts, everyone is searching for it. If you are writing articles about that event, a lot of people come to your website to read the information about the event.

Your main objective is to search for the upcoming event a few months before it occurs, choose your topic, and create a blog. After searching in detail about the event, you have to write an answer to those questions that people desperately need to know about that event. Provide such information about the event that is meaningful and knowledgeable.

Advantages of Event Blogging

  • One big advantage is that you can earn such an amount of money which you may earn in a month or even a year from your general blog.
  • You will get a huge profit in very less investment.
  • An event blog is the best option for those who want to work online only for a certain period of time.
  • You will get a huge amount of traffic as people from all around the world are searching for the event.

Disadvantages of Event Blogging

  • You must require very good paid web hosting for your event blog.
  • If you are using low or cheap hosting, your blog will be down when a good amount of traffic will come to your blog.
  • You have to do a lot of hard work for the running of your event blog includes research, writing articles, SEO, etc.
  • You only make money for some short period of time until the event remains.

Step by Step Guide to Start Event Blogging

Here is the step by step guide or event blogging tips to create your event blog and start making money online.

1. Find a Suitable Niche

Before you going to start your blog on any event, you need to select the one which has low competition and a good amount of searches. You can take the help of tools like Google Keyword Planner, KeywordTool, UbberSuggest, etc.

It’s up to you for which event you are interested to do event blogging. But remember, stick with only a single topic for one blog and write on that topic. Because working on that single topic is the key to success. Here are some topic ideas for the Christmas event:

Suitable Niche

From the above image, you can analyze different event blogging topics to start working with such as Christmas movies and songs, Christmas trees, etc.

If you are selecting an event of your interest, for example, if you are a cricket lover and if you are creating a blog for the World Cup event. You can generate great and quality content because as a cricket lover you know everything about cricket and the World Cup. You can also select the topic of audience demands or interests. But you have to check the competition because there are so many other people who are creating blogs for the same topic.

The following are some of the popular and high demanding international or local events:

New Year Christmas Exam Results
Olympics Boston Marathon IPL(Indian Premier League)
PSL(Pakistan Super League) FIFA World Cup Cricket World Cup
Elections Oscar Awards French Open
Upcoming Movies Upcoming Video Games Football League
Hockey Leagues Grammy Awards Tennis Tournaments (Australian Open, Wimbledon, etc.)
Chinese New Year Mother’s Day Eid
Halloween Holi WWE
Diwali Father’s Day Teacher’s Day
Valentine’s Day Easter Super Bowl

Google trends are one of the best solutions to check which things are in trending in any.

2. Keyword Research

Event Blogging: The Definitive Guide to Make Money Online

The most important thing even before creating your blog is keyword research. Keyword research is what makes any website successful.

If you do good keyword research before creating your blog and choose the right keyword, you will make your blog successful. You have to choose the keyword which has low competition but high search volume.

You have to target good and long-tail keywords to get high rankings in search engines and a good amount of traffic to your blog. The best tools to find keywords are:

  1. Long Tail Pro
  2. SEMrush
  3. Google Keyword Planner
  4. KWFinder
  5. Neil Patel’s UbberSuggest
  6. Keyword Tool

3. Choose a Domain Name

Event Blogging: The Definitive Guide to Make Money Online

Once you have selected a topic or keyword, you have to purchase a good top-level domain name. It is a good practice to use your keyword in the domain name. This will increase the click-through rate (CTR).

According to Google algorithms, your domain name doesn’t do much but it has its importance. If you have done off-page SEO perfectly, you can easily rank your domain on the first page of Google.

Always go with the domain that is easily readable and memorable. So that users easily remember your website address. The best platforms to buy domain name are:

  1. NameCheap
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Google Domains
  4. OnlyDomains
  5. Domain

4. Buy a Good Web Hosting

Event Blogging: The Definitive Guide to Make Money Online

You need good web hosting for event blogging. The reason is that when the event takes place, a huge number of users will come to your blog on a daily basis. Even with so much traffic, your page loading should be good and fast so that users take interest in your blog and remain for a long time.

This is only possible if you are using good website hosting.

What will happen when you are using cheap or medicare hosting?

You will only experience the crash of your website. Your website will down, you will get no uptime. As a result of this crash, your website URL will not work and the website will not open. All of your hard work to rank your blog and get traffic will go in vain.

Your website speed depends upon the hosting. If speed is good, Google likes your site and will rank higher in search results. Some good websites to buy web hosting are:

  1. NameCheap
  2. BlueHost
  3. A2Hosting
  4. SiteGround
  5. HostGator
  6. DreamHost

5. Choose Platform For Your Blog

You need to choose a platform on which you will create your blog. The best ones for blogging are Blogger and WordPress.

If you don’t have money to purchase a hosting plan. You can go with Blogger where you only have to connect a domain name after buying. Hosting is totally free on Blogger.

But I suggest you always go with WordPress. Because it’s the best self-hosted platform for blogging. Almost all bloggers from around the world choose WordPress for their blogs. You simply need to install WordPress in your hosting and then customize it to create a fully responsive and dynamic blog.

6. Write Quality Content

Now the actual action begins, content is the thing on which your website’s success depends. Your content must be unique and full of quality.

Event Blogging: The Definitive Guide to Make Money Online

Use your main keywords in the article and try to write long detailed content.

Imagine if your keyword is ranked on the first page of Google and your post starts getting a lot of traffic. But looking at the title of the article, when users come to your blog and they don’t get the information as per their expectations, they will not stay on your blog at all. Secondly, Google will also come to know that the content of this website is not of good quality and has no value. It will badly impact your rankings in search results.

Your mission is to write such quality, informative, and detailed content that attracts the users. Users love that content and they will again visit your blog to read more. So, write content that is full of information and help users to know something new and interesting.

Always include as many images as you can in your content. Because images explain many things clearly which you can’t explain in form of text.

Writing lengthy content is better in terms of SEO and also people love that. So, try to write an article of at least 1000 words. Write at least 20-25 articles in your blog of 1000 words. But if the articles are short containing approximately 500 words, you need to write 35 – 45 total articles.

7. Create Quality Backlinks

Backlinks mean links to your pages on other websites. Backlinks are something you can’t rank your website without them.

You need to create high-quality backlinks to improve the rankings of your website in Google and other search engines. Backlinks are actually the votes of your website. If your website succeeds in getting more votes, the website’s rankings will improve automatically.

When search engines crawling the pages, they check the backlinks present on that page. If page is getting backlinks from high authority websites, search engines come to know that this page has valuable content. Google will automatically give authority to this page and will rank the page in top of search results.

You need to search high authority blogs, websites, and forums to create backlinks on them. You can comment on these blogs or websites and add your link there. In this way, you will get quality backlinks.

You can participate in discussions of different forums and build your audience from these forums.

Guest posting is another way to get quality backlinks. You have to write articles for other authority websites and add your page link in the article. You can search for websites that allow guest posting on Google.

But building high-quality backlinks is a very difficult and time taking process. If you don’t know much about that, you can hire an SEO expert for complete SEO of your blog.

8. Share on Social Signals

Event Blogging: The Definitive Guide to Make Money Online

Create accounts for your blog on at least five social media platforms and add your website’s link on these platforms. All of these are high-quality links. Google also indexes social websites and show in the search results.

Share all of your articles on these platforms. You will get a very good amount of users from social media websites.

Event Blogging Tips to Make Money Online

Now is the time to start making money online. The following are event blogging tips to start making money:

1. Use Google Adsense

To start making money, the very first option is to monetize your website by applying for Google Adsense or other advertising networks.

But the problem is that your blog needs to fulfill all of the Adsense requirements to get its approval. You will not always get successful to get a Google Adsense account. So, there are other best alternatives available to display ads on your blog. You can check my article about that: Best alternatives of Google Adsense

2. Affiliate Marketing

Besides advertising, you can also make a lot of income through affiliate marketing. 

You have to join the affiliate programs of different websites. Then you put the ads of their products or add links of their products on your website. When any user from your website goes to the product page and make a purchase. You will get the commission on every sale.

If your blog is getting good traffic then you can make a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

3. Promote Your Own Product

If you have your own products that are relevant to the event.

For example, if you have firework products and you are targeting New Year or any other celebration event. You can make a lot of sales of your products by promoting these products on your blog.

You can advertise your products on your blog. Interested users will contact you and purchase those products. In this way, you can increase the sales of your local products.

Conclusion of Event Blogging

In this article, I have told you very well about event blogging. Hope this helps a lot if you are planning to start your own event blog.


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