The 5 Essential Steps for Selling the Software on AWS Marketplace

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Using a marketplace is a fantastic way to go if you’re looking to build momentum for your software product. AWS Marketplace offers an excellent opportunity to reach potential buyers quickly and efficiently while expanding your market reach. Here are five essential steps to sell with the help of AWS Marketplace and maximize your success.

1. Prepare Your Product for Success

Before you can list your software on AWS Marketplace, it needs to be adequately prepared.  Your software must be compatible with AWS and follow the AWS Marketplace Seller Code of Conduct. You should also ensure that your software is packaged correctly and ready for customers to purchase and use.

Preparing your software for AWS includes ensuring that all product descriptions, images, and other relevant materials are accurate and up-to-date. Also, configure your software’s pricing structure and decide if you want to offer monthly or annual subscriptions.

2. List Your Software on AWS Marketplace

Once your software is prepared, it’s time to list it on the AWS Marketplace. First, you’ll need to create a Seller Central account and register as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member. Then, you can submit your software for approval and list it in the AWS Marketplace.

When creating your listing, ensure to include all the features and benefits of your software to entice customers. You should also update any pricing information and select customer payment methods. Additionally, have screenshots or videos of the product’s user interface to help potential buyers understand how it works.

3. Promote Your Software

After you’ve listed your software on AWS Marketplace, it’s vital to start promoting it. You can use email campaigns, social media posts, and ad campaigns to create awareness about your software. Additionally, creating content like blog posts or videos related to the features and benefits of your software is a great way to reach potential customers.

It’s also essential to leverage the AWS Marketplace tools and resources, such as targeted campaigns, featured listings, and product discounts. These can help you get more visibility for your software and drive more sales. The tools can also optimize your listing for better search engine rankings and increase customer engagement.

4. Manage Your Software Listing

Once your software is listed, you’ll need to manage it regularly. Managing software must include responding timely to customer inquiries and addressing any issues that might arise. Additionally, review your listing periodically and update the pricing information as needed.

You should also look for opportunities to make improvements or add new features to the software.  This will help you stay competitive and encourage customers to purchase your software. Modifications are always welcome and can help ensure that your software remains up-to-date.

5. Monitor Sales Performance

Once you’ve launched your software on AWS Marketplace, monitoring its performance regularly is essential. Some of the points software developers should track include customer reviews, sales trends, and customer feedback. This information can help you identify areas of improvement for your software and understand what customers are looking for.

Tracking sales performance will also help you determine which marketing strategies are working best and whether or not you need to adjust your pricing or subscription models. With this data in hand, you can make informed decisions about the future of your software and ensure that it continues to be successful on AWS Marketplace.

Final Thoughts

If a software developer wants to sell with the help of AWS Marketplace, they will need to prepare their software, list it on the platform, promote it, and manage their listing. Additionally, they should monitor their sales performance regularly to make informed decisions about the future of their software. By taking these steps, developers can ensure that their software is successful on AWS Marketplace.

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