Earn OSRS Gold with Other New Players in Fresh Start Worlds

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Start with a clean slate in OSRS and continue from there.

It’s understandable for a non-game to feel intimidated to get into MMOs for the first time. It’s tough to know where exactly they have to start, and that statement is even more true when we are talking about MMOs that have been on the scene for a long time. “A long time” is an understatement for the likes of Old School RuneScape considering that the game’s been around in some way or form for over two decades. RuneScape comes in two flavors: regular RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. RuneScape is a game that has evolved thanks to 20 years of progression. Meanwhile, Old School RuneScape returns to its roots by being modeled as RuneScape.

RuneScape can be easier to get into since it has a more modern coat of paint, but the same thing can’t be said for Old School RuneScape. Most players on OSRS are veterans who’ve been playing the game for years. Moreover, the visuals can be off-putting to newbies since they can look a tad archaic; it’s hard for gamers to look for a reason to get into the MMO and farm OSRS Gold. Luckily, Jagex has a plan, and it’s called Fresh Start Worlds.

What is Fresh Start Worlds in OSRS and in RuneScape?

Fresh Start Worlds are special, limited-time worlds where everyone who joins RuneScape or Old School RuneScape can create a new character—everyone gets to start on the same playing field. The world will have its own economy. HiScores, events, OSRS items, OSRS gold, and more are separate from the main RuneScape/OSRS progression. Note that Fresh Start Worlds in OSRS is not a new game mode like Deadman or Leagues.

Fresh Start Worlds in OSRS and in RuneScape will operate a bit differently between the two games. In RuneScape, accelerated character progression will be enabled so that all the new players can level up comfortably. Four months after the event, they can take their leveled-up character back into the regular RuneScape world, complete with all the goodies they’ve earned during their time in Fresh Start Worlds.

In Old School RuneScape’s case, the Fresh Start Worlds won’t feature accelerated character progression and will run for six months instead of RuneScape’s shorter run time (four months). You also won’t be able to transfer your Fresh Start Worlds character into the regular version of OSRS before the event concludes. Instead, you will have to play out the entire event for six months. After that period, your character will be automatically transferred to the regular servers.

Why Did Jagex Make Fresh Start Worlds in OSRS & in RuneScape?

Jagex is planning the Fresh Start Worlds to be a great jumping point for new players interested in getting into the RuneScape games. Also, it’s an excellent way for older players to re-experience and jump back into the game without feeling like they missed out on many things.

Fresh Start Worlds for Old School RuneScape, in particular, will be available for free-to-play and active members with a subscription; only players with new accounts will be able to play on a Fresh Start World. According to Mod Ayiza, the person responsible for putting up the FAQ for Fresh Start Worlds on RuneScape’s official website, They know from things like the mobile release that there’s something special about starting something for the first time alongside other players who are in the same boat.

The Differences Between a Fresh Start World and Normal Game World

There aren’t that many differences between both worlds, but a notable contrast is that Ironman Mode won’t be available to play in Fresh Start Worlds. Also, unlike its counterpart, OSRS’ Fresh Start Worlds won’t feature any in-game buffs, increased experience rates, or rewards.

What the Community has to Say About Fresh Start Worlds in OSRS and RuneScape

In the Old School RuneScape subreddit, some players questioned Jagex’s decision to push with the latest game mode over others polled this year, such as the Easy and Hard mode servers. Other Redditors even stated that requiring new accounts to play on the Fresh Start Worlds was a ploy for Jagex to make more money by selling more memberships.

The OSRS subreddit accused Fresh Start Worlds of being a “blatant cash grab” and a “bad idea and a waste of time altogether.” There was even a comment that said, “See you guys in Falador,” referencing the city of Falador as a popular location for players to participate in in-game protests.

Jagex has yet to release a statement regarding the backlash they’re receiving from their players about Fresh Start Worlds. However, the lead designer of RuneScape, Mod Jack, stressed that the mode was intended to attract new players instead of existing ones. Simply put, Fresh Start Worlds is not for the long-time veterans that consistently wait for every update Jagex pushes out.

Fresh Start Worlds is the Perfect Time to Get into OSRS

If you’re a new player in the block, we highly recommend that you try out Fresh Start Worlds for yourself when it launches in October 2022 for Old School RuneScape. Fresh Start Worlds in OSRS won’t benefit from an XP boost or additional OSRS gold, so you’ll have to rely on your wits to get ahead of the curve. If you’re still playing the MMO after six months, Jagex will transfer your character to the main game server, where you can continue progressing. And if you decide that you no longer want to play OSRS after those six months, that’s completely fine, too—at least you got to try it out for yourself before you came to that decision.

Phil Mansell, the CEO of Jagex, states that Fresh Start Worlds in OSRS and in RuneScape is the perfect opportunity for both new and returning players to start the game again—but this time as equals. By experiencing the world with a brand new economy and forging adventures in a new world, now is the perfect time to play Old School RuneScape.

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