Display Advertising: What are Display Ads? Complete Guide

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Display Advertising

Display advertising is the process of promoting the products or services of different companies through advertisements on various publisher’s websites to increase their sales. The purpose of display advertising is to attract the audience through websites and different social platforms to take some action and buy products or services of companies. This is the most commonly used method of online marketing.

Display advertising includes display ads made up of text, images, videos, animations, and gifts to encourage the visitors to click on the ad, go to the landing page, and take some action.

These ads are provided to the publishers to display on their websites by many advertising companies. The most popular companies are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. There are so many other companies present on the internet.

What are Display Ads?

Display ads are also called as banner ads. These are actually designed images, videos, or animations that are shown on different websites. The following image shows how display ads look like:

Display Ads Sizes

According to these sizes, display ads are designed. When you visit different websites, you see ads of different products and services everywhere on the website and mostly those are Google Adsense ads.

When interested people click on the ads, they are taken to the product page where the actual product is present on the company website. On every ad click, the owner of the website which is showing display ads on its website gets paid.

Google display ads have the following sizes to design ads:

Google Display Ads Sizes

Display advertising uses a push approach, it means the users of websites who are seeing ads are targeted people for those ads. Because Google Adsense displays ads that are similar to the topic of your website. If your website is on technology, Google will show ads that are related to technology. If you are running some kind of food website, then Adsense will display the ads for food products.

Display ads are divided into three parts which are:

1. Site Placement Advertising

In this type, the advertiser selects the websites on which he wants to show his display ads. He will use those websites for his advertising campaigns that are similar to his products or services.

2. Contextual Advertising

In this type of display advertising, the advertising networks such as Google, Facebook, etc. show similar ads on the websites according to their content. For example, showing the ad of a game on a gaming news website.

3. Remarketing

In remarketing, the display ads are shown to those people who previously have visited or interacted with your website but left the website without taking any kind of action or making any purchase. The ads will come in front of those people when they are using Google or visiting partner websites. Remarketing is an excellent way for brand awareness or reminds those people to make a purchase which they have left before.

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Why Display Advertising is Important in Marketing Campaigns?

Display advertising is one of the most commonly used processes in online marketing. It allows the companies to market their products or services through display ads by using a variety of ad formats. Especially when you create your ad on a company like Google, your ad is displayed on millions of websites all over the world. When people come to these websites, your ads are displayed in front of them. Those people who are interested in your products, go to your product page by clicking on the ad and buy your product if they are interested.

Display advertising is the best way to increase your sales. For those people, who are not directly interested in your business, your product may be the solution for them.

Display ads enhance your brand awareness and visibility. Through remarketing campaigns, you can target your right audience.

Key Factors of Display Advertising Campaign

If you own a business and running or want to run your own display advertising campaign. Then you should need to know some important factors to successfully measure your campaign. These are:

1. Click-through Rate (CTR)

The Click-through rate shows how much clicks are coming on your ads when people seeing them. CVR is also used by the advertising companies to check the performance of keywords and ads. It is calculated by the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown to the people. The high CTR means the more clicks are coming to your ad, it means people are interested in your ad.

2. Bounce Rate

A bounce rate occurs when someone visits your website and left the site without going to any other page of your website or without interacting further with the site.

There are a number of factors related to the bounce rate. The user might leave your website from the first page to which he has come without visiting further pages. It may happen due to site technical issues. Moreover, users might leave the website from the entering page because they had not found the information they were looking for.

3. Conversion Rate (CVR)

The conversion rate tells you the percentage of the people clicking on the ads to the people that performing the action or making the purchase. CVR is calculated by the number of people converted divided by the number of people who clicked on the ad and then multiply the value by 100.

For example, for app install ad, CVR, or conversion rate gives the percentage of people who clicked on the app install ad and the people who actually installed the app.


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