Give New Look To Your Food Packaging By Using Custom Cake Boxes
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Custom cake boxes are an essential product among bakery items. The cake is everyone’s favourite item. People of all age groups like to eat cake.

When you go to the market you observe that there are many types of cake boxes. You always select attractive and unique packaging cake boxes.

We CustomBoxesZone offer you different packaging of cake boxes that enhance the beauty of your packaging and help to snatch the attention of more customers. We provide you with high-quality cardboard custom cake boxes that are more enticing and compelling and have all ranges of custom cake boxes in a proficient way.

Packaging for Custom Cake Box

Cake boxes are more useable products that everyone likes to purchase. The cake is used for various purposes like birthday parties, small events, or a daily basis.

We CustomBoxesZone offer you customization opportunities where you can customize your cake box according to your event. We have a variety of custom boxes with logos in different colors shapes and sizes. You can choose your desired one and customize it according to you.

Our well-trained and creative staff customizes your cake boxes by using advanced techniques and more trendy designs that add more charm to your packaging. You don’t worry about your product size or shape. You can get any size and any shape of custom cake box from us.

If you are confused and do not know which style is best for you then you can consult us. Our consultant guides you in a friendly way and you can take your decision easily.

Window die-cut Cake Boxes

Cake boxes are in different packaging boxes. The window dies cut cake boxes are more eye-catching and appealing. More customers attract to this packaging of cakes because in this way they can see the cake and impress the design.

The window dies cut cake boxes are unique in the packaging when we print this box by alluring design. We print brand logos and ingredients that attract more customers. As well as we print the expiry date and manufacture date to make the brand unique and fascinating.

The window die-cut boxes consist of PVC sheet that protects the cake from climate germs and bacteria. It protects the products from dust and keeps your product safe and secure.

High-quality material

Choose the material wisely when you pack food items. Bakery items require more safety because storing duration of these products is long and many factors impact this.

We CustomBoxesZone offer you different kinds of material like cardboard, Kraft, paperboard, and corrugated. You can choose the material according to product nature.

We offer you cardboard cake boxes that are very effective for keeping the cake safe for the long term. Cardboard is a more robust material for packaging a food item by absorbing moisture. It maintains the freshness of food items.

Cardboard is the best material for unique and eye-catching printing. You can print your cake box according to your favorite designs.


In modern days cost is the major factor that every buyer noticed before purchasing your products. Keep the design simple and unique.

We offer you budget-friendly custom cake boxes. Our company chooses that material that is not too expensive but of high quality.

Sometimes we offer you a 30% or 25% discount. Our first priority is to keep our customers satisfied and build trustable relationships with them. You can get toy desired range custom cake boxes from us.

Why You Choose Us

If you are wasting your time searching for high-quality and unique packaging companies then don’t waste your time. CustomBoxesZone is the best packaging company in your town where you can get appealing custom cake boxes at wholesale rates.

Some FAQs

What is a cake box?

Cake Boxes are ideal for transporting cakes, pies, muffins, and cupcakes. To make for decorating, order a box that is slightly bigger than your cake. This one-piece pastry box is simple to assemble; simply fold the edges and seal them together to make this elegant cake box.

What are cake boxes made of?

Cake boxes are made from three different materials: cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft.

Cardboard is one of the less expensive materials available because it is made up of common items such as paper and board. It is also a renewable resource when recycled properly.

The second one is corrugated material, which has a better stiffness than cardboard and also has the potential to absorb humidity, which is why it’s commonly used for shipping.

The third and final type of material is Kraft, which is the sturdiest and is commonly used in the packaging of lower and medium-priced goods. When compared to other materials, printing on Kraft paper is a breeze.

All three materials are also used in the manufacturing process of cake boxes and are available to meet consumer needs.

Are cake boxes recyclable?

Food-soiled paper containers are not recyclable. If it contains a reusable plastic liner, it would be compostable. “Compostable” is a legal term that can only be used on goods that have been determined to decompose in a residential compost facility.

Paperboard packaging materials that are not soiled, such as cereal boxes, paper egg cartons, and cake mix boxes, are recyclable. Remove the cover liner and shake out any remaining food crumbs.


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